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December 13, 2019


Have to say I agree. I note that those supporters of other candidates who insist that Biden’s notions of bipartisanship show that he is out of touch with political reality seem to have no problem peddling the idea that the GOP won’t exist. Which would be the only way their policy proposals would stand a chance of becoming law. You sell what the markets want. Not what you think they should.

I've been a bipartisan, multi-interest group advocate since the late 60's and throughout my entire 47-year business carrier. I worked my entire life in the environmental arena bringing diverse groups together, sharing nonbiased, factual information and getting Dems & GOPers together to get things done like solid, hazardous & toxic waste laws & regulations. I am not part of any group or organization.

I'll have to admit the last 20 years of have been bad and the last 3+ have been awful, beyond belief, and the intense polarization outlook for the future puts me at the bottom of my hope chest. I know I'm crazy but I still have hope -- but only if and when Trump is gone and extensive changes take place in Congressional rules.

As probably my last glimmer of hope I offer the latest December 10, 2019, results from the year's effort of the Select Committee on the Modernization of Congress. Yes, perhaps their bills to to implement 30 legislative recommendations are modest, but it is the process that is important to the future of bipartisanship. 

The recommendations and legislation were derived from a committee with an equal number of Democratic and Republican members; that required a 2/3 majority vote to approve recommendations; has nonpartisan staff with one budget and one office; and resulted in all legislative members cosponsoring the legislative results in a truly bipartisan effort -- even in the midst of the extensive, ugly tribalism we are experiencing today.

I have been discussing this type of process on my blog for several years and advocate that we should be investigating how to make this real bipartisan process a requirement (House & Senate rule) for the development of all new legislation and oversight. As I have discussed; the option is what we have now -- Insanity. FYI:

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