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December 14, 2019


It's a vicious cycle with no signs of being broken. Yes the winner in '20 could very well be a democrat but Republicans will do to him/her what they couldn't do to Hillary Clinton after 2016.

This post annoys me enough to comment. Sure, it's a godawful route, but we are human beings and used to taking "godawful routes". Or should be. Sure, Republicans will outdo themselves in attempts to slime him. As Nancy Pelosi has said, the "times have found us", and they have certainly found Joe. He either rises to the challenge or he loses. As is true to a lesser extent for us all.

So no self-pity, please. I suspect that Joe is quite prepared to rise to the challenge of the Republican gauntlet. What I'm less sure about is whether he can withstand the slings and arrows of doubtful Democrats.

Well said, Tony. I’m warming up to Biden. His campaign is starting to find its stride. Of course, I haven’t watched Biden himself in quite awhile since I ignored the last debate. I’m mostly following his campaign through the media. But as far as what’s filtering through, I like where it’s going with its emphasis on Trump’s corruption and incompetence vis-a-vis Biden’s integrity, experience, and progressive moderation, especially when it comes to foreign affairs. The main threat to a Democratic victory is the intolerant ideologues on the left who are not only impractical, they’re just plain wrong in much of their ideology. God, they’re annoying.

I would say that this is a dark yet accurate appraisal of what is to be should Biden or any other Democrat become president. If being shitty is rewarded then the Republicans will be shitty. And so far it has paid off pretty well. And yet they lost the House, prematurely if like myself you believe demographics drive long term trends. The Senate is a much more difficult nut to crack but the reasons for that all here understand well. Yet even if they keep the Senate the Republicans will have goods they must deliver to their constituents by which I do not mean just voters. There is leverage to use against them especially if the Democrats keep the House and that happens to be an area which Biden understands better than most other candidates. Experience in this area does count for something. You can call this bi-partisanship as an insider joke, or horse trading more realistically or even arm twisting which is the most accurate description. How much can be achieved in such an environment is very problematical but I think Biden will do as well as can be done.

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