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December 13, 2019


One of my Facebook friends responded to this article, with the following:

"Liberals sure made poor choices of issues in their campaign strategy. Weren't leftist enough."

I imagine that had Karl himself had run on the Labour ticket, and had been pasted as badly as Corbyn, his response would have been the same.

Boris Johnson isn't the Trump of England; Jeremy Corbyn is the Trump of England. Corbyn isn't merely a Putin stooge: he's a Putin ally. And of course a certified Jew-hater, allied with Hamas, Hezbollah and other lovely people. What an insult, Phil, to Sanders and especially Warren. Did you actually miss the exodus of Jews from the Labor Party?

Johnson helped the Democrats here. The left here will have avoided their own Corbynization, for which we ought be be at least grudgingly respectful of. If you cared to notice, Johnson steered his party sharply to the left on economic policy.

Yes. Corbyn is their Trump. Only his extremism and overall foulness cost him. In scanning morning news shows this morning they said he cost them Labour votes in areas of Britain that had been staunch Labour for a century. He was that odious.

I was going to write why didn't they stop him from getting this far in an election and get a worthy candidate to go against the ridiculous Johnson but then I remembered that the GOP and complacent Democrats and press allies let Trump rise til it was too late to send him packing so who am I to judge?

Blame also the white left - who gave us Bush the Lesser and Trump. Bush the Lesser paved the way for Trump. Recall Michigan as but one example, where Trump won by 10,000 votes. Putin stooge Jill Stein received 51,000 votes. And 80,000 in Michigan voted straight Democratic - only to leave the top slot blank.

I blame the Brits themselves for Brexit, since the one who stood most to lose - the youngers - didn't even bother to vote. Had Labor a sane center-left candidate who was against Brexit, she or he would have won.

What a waste. Well they've made their bed now.

I didn't know that about the top slot blank in Michigan. That's pathetic.

You will be pleased to note that I do not intend to correct every error and misunderstanding in the post and the comments above - too tedious!

However, what I will tell you is that 'over here' we have just had a very English 'revolution'. The Marxist/racist cult which has infiltrated the Labour party like cancer, has been smashed! Not by Boris alone but by a 'yuuuuuuuuuuuuge' revolt by ordinary, decent English people who could no longer stomach the foul stench of potential dictatorship being threatened by a small, mostly metropolitan-based clique of ultra-Leftists. Internally, he Labour party will now undergo a bloody civil war between the extremists and the middle of the road, old-fashioned Labourites. It will last a long time!

In the meantime, Boris can concentrate on solidifying the incredible victories he has won in Labour strongholds. It will NOT be easy! There are problems surrounding him, so, another example of those tricky, dangerous, "interesting times"! However, there is one thing of which Britain can be truly proud - our Jewish communities can now breathe easily, the vile threat of anti-Semitism has been crushed - for a while, at least.

They were both, Corbyn and Johnson, Trumps in their own way. But I agree entirely with our host on the future. I would like to think that the main feature of first past the post parliamentary systems, that whoever is in charge is entirely responsible for the results of their policies. But that won’t be true with Brexit. As part of their campaign the Tories maid some pretty bold predictions of the wonderful things the EU would surrender to them in the forthcoming negotiations. I mean since Boris caved on that border in the Irish Sea. That isn’t going to happen. Boris, unlike May, does not need the DUP and cannot reconcile what NI wants with what the the rest of the UK need. In fact he cannot reconcile this set of books in any way shape or form. It won’t be Boris fault if this all goes south. It will be that damnable EU and their failure to recognize their obligation to make Britain great again. They will likely be doing that for decades. It isn’t going to stop the electorate from getting pissed. They will at least be pissed on exactly the right people.

Boris was always going to win. The margin is maybe surprising, but not really to anybody who ever spoke to anybody and knew how unelectable Corbyn was..what a shambles. There was no credible opposition.

There's nothing more to say. Let's see how things pan out and how the country fares in these different times.

I don't think that Corbyn is odious. Just stupid and set in a sixties mindset that he couldn't /wouldn't change. At some point it should become obvious that you're on a losing streak but these types just soldier on regardless. I think that they think it's a principled way to go, but really it's a total abandonment of reason and a handover of power without a fight.

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