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December 12, 2019


Thank you for the link to Garrett Graff's comments on the danger that Fox poses. Why is there no more open and widespread acknowledgment of the pernicious nature of this organization? Why is there no kind of outraged push-back from the majority of Americans who can still be considered sane and reasonably objective? Why no effort to come up with some kind of remedy for this scar on our culture? Is it all about the money they're making? Could there be something in addition to money that is motivating the whole enterprise? Or is that a descent into paranoia and the idea of some dark conspiracy that is hidden from view?

And this dark moment in history leads back to this day - September 4, 1985:

I guess I missed the part where Edward R. Murrow worked for a Russian front.

Chris Wallace isn't fit to hold Edward R. Murrow's jock strap. What an insult to Murrow's memory.

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