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December 11, 2019


Your much vaunted political system stinks. No surprise there, it always has and it alwyas will! Take this as an example:

"The Federal Bureau of Investigation under the Obama administration sought to launch an investigation of the rival party’s presidential campaign in order to spy on it under powers reserved for national-security purposes. (FISA stands for Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act.) In order to activate those powers, the FBI had to go to a federal court for permission, which it did — with falsified documents in hand. If the FBI attorney who altered that document avoids seeing the inside of a federal prison cell, it will be a grave disservice to justice."

Well I see this blog and most here are members in good standing of the "Grassy Knoll" club. Raw hate can do that to you. It's not healthy.

Uh huh..... From the National Review? A deep righty-tighty wingnut source. Keep your tin foil hats over there, okay?

Hmmm. Seems to me, that no one hates more than Republicans. All they care about in their crooked Prez is: "Does he hate the same people we hate?" So, yeah... raw hate is what they're really good at. And I agree. It's not healthy.

You mean the Nation Review that turned into such a propaganda outlet and smear merchant catering to the whims of the Fox crowd that William Buckley's own son left and washed his hands of it because it no longer resembled his father's way of being an intelligent conservative?

You seem to have been blinded by Rich Lowry's "little star bursts".

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