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December 02, 2019


"Is there anything, anything at all, that Biden can say or do without being ridiculed by every ignorant jackass from Sean Hannity's 4.4 million Twitter followers to far-too-idle tweeters to Biden's left?"

I take it that's a rhetorical question. One whose answer is equally true of every Democratic candidate, the only difference being whether the Democratic sniping comes from the left or center.

Let's see what Science has to say:

The Biden campaign did this on purpose and I have to say it was brilliant.The image was released initially on Twitter and it instantly provoked exactly the response that was expected. Your reflexive woke Twitter users and opponents of all things Joe immediately responded as you have described. Which instantly provided the Biden campaign with a whole lot of very positive push back and free coverage from the less linguistically benighted.

Do not overlook the targets at who it is directed. And that would be the candidates who always have some malarkey, pardon me, I mean a policy for that.

Sounds like a bunch of malarkey to me!

I wouldn't put it past him and his team. If the woke clique is going to reflexively go all high school about anything he does, he might as well control the situation by giving them something to pop their gum and roll their eyes about. Joe would be the first to laugh at their laughter.

Such silly people.

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