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December 07, 2019


At this moment, the "President" is likely staring in a mirror blaming energy efficient light bulbs for his orange spray tan and then on to meetings with grownups to gripe about how many times he has to flush the toilet. Kids are in cages, some dying without their medicine. He's taken a buzz saw to the SNAP program just in time for Christmas - just because. He's trying to steal yet another election and dismantling the Western alliance.

I've got nothing for their woke anything. The only thing I want woke is to wake up from this nightmare. Until then I've got nothing for these left of left fools.

Amen!! About a week ago I saw the insufferable Michael Moore on MSNBC whining that if democrats play to the center they will lose. I think some people just need to ve muzzled for now.

Oh Michael Moore lost me - forever - when he went on tv whining right after Obama directed the SEAL team to take out Bin Laden. They put that beast down like the rabid dog he was, every moment their lives in danger, before he could blow them all to kingdom come and take them and valuable intel to Allah and his 40 virgins. And Michael Moore sat there safe and dry in the studio whimpering about how we should have arrested him, we've lost our souls. Obama bad - me good. Wah wah wah. I wanted to smack that stupid ball cap off his stupid head.

He's made a profession out of being more liberal than thou. He doesn't want actual progressive accomplishment. If that happened, how would he make all that money?

Ugh!! Such a purist! No one will ever be liberal enough for him! As if it wasn't bad enough that Obama was attacked from the right for being a "Marxist" (whatever that's supposed to mean anymore) the last thing he needed was for whiners like Moore from the left accusing him of not being far left enough! It's a shame that the "woke" left isn't awake enough to realize that beating Trump and kicking his criminal gang out of office is the only thing that really matters right now. And even if or when that is accomplished, it's still a huge debate over how far left the next president should go. If whoever ends up being president goes too far, then expect to see republicans take back the house in '22.

The woke amongst us are pissed because they're desperate to impose their most outlandish views down the throats of the sane majority and they're getting some kick-back. Not before time.

I did mention Jordan Peterson yesterday who uses his defense of linguistic norms as a cover for his more odious views..particularly as regards women and their place in society. The ultra woke are alienating good people.

I agree. I think people are exhausted. And the next president is going to need to keep things calm and steady for a awhile. I think we're going to be like people after a terrible storm. It'll be enough just to get the country aired out and access the damage and start repairing. For awhile.

Mary they're no different than the Tea Party and the Evangelicals. They wanted to shove their agenda down the throats of the majority just as you say. An extremist is an extremist no matter whether they're wearing red or blue.

The only difference is that on the left at least the agenda actually might do somebody, other than rich white men, somebood, if they'd allow for implementation and winning people over and refining the ideas. But not the way they go about it. They undermine themselves and consequently everybody else.

"some good"

If the a democrat wins the next election, yes we are going to need a few months to rest and recuperate before getting back into governing.

They are every bit as rude as the right wingers only in different ways. The right will call people "libtards" or "snowflakes". The left is more condescending by yelling at people for "voting against their own interests" without bothering to learn what would be someone's best interest. They know better than you what is good for you. That is no way to sell good policies that help people. However I would say that the right is more dangerous than the left because now they are in full cult of personality mode and push any conspiracy theory that will protect dear leader. And there have been deaths and attempted right wing terrorist attacks like the MAGA bomber who sent letter bombs to prominent democrats and CNN. They don't see people who disagree with them as mere opponents but enemies that must be destroyed. The woke left are dangerous in they may vote in a way that hands Trump a reelection.

I think that it was Jason who pointed out that it's as important how you disagree as who, or what you agree with..sorry Jason for mangling your eloquent remark. No-one will ever change a mind through condescension, outrage, or name-calling. In fact, you'll likely have the opposite affect. We should all be able to discuss issues, there has to be transparency, and we can never and shouldn't try to shut up the people we disagree with, tempting though that may be.

You're right, I think, Anne, when you say that the woke left might allow Trump back in. Stay reasonable and keep change steady rather than radical. It should work. But hey, I'm a person who never thought for a moment that Trump would be elected in the first place.

Been following the commentary. Your point is one I often hammer at. No one gets to tell anyone else what their interests are. Everybody gets to decide that for themselves. What I find most interesting is that at the political extremes is just that tendency to dictate exactly what people should want. Now you would think a politician would be especially tuned into what people believe their interests are. You can’t hardly get people to shit up about their interests. If you ask them they will almost always tell you. But this is strangely untrue. They see friends and allies where they do not have them and enemies where they don’t.

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