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December 28, 2019


That particular aspect of political history would certainly not be everybody’s cup of tea. And yet the same arguments resonate throughout Canadian political history and economic policy since Confederation. I always found them fascinating.myself. There is little doubt today though about which way the argument goes. The days when protectionism was a defensible economic policy are gone. At best they can be used as a counter in trade negotiations to secure freer trade. As an end itself it must fail.

The TPP would have allied us in trade with a lot of Asian countries looking for protection from China. Trump nixed that and went with tariffs.

Now our would-be TPP partners are looking to work with China on trade, and we're out in the cold, getting crucified by what our tariffs have wrought.

What an idiot.

So, given all that, why aren't the Dems doing better in the polls?

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