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January 12, 2020


Horserace coverage must be dispiriting. How can you keep writing the same, tired "analysis" over and over? I wonder if they drink heavily.

At least the authors have the comfort of knowing they never have to write another horserace article; they can just swap the names around and collect a writer's fee.

They had to type something didn’t they? The blatantly obvious had to do.

Many Iowa Dems are aware that Bloomberg has pledged financial support to the eventual Dem nominee, even if it's Bernie or Warren.

Very few Dems in Iowa, on the other hand, are so confused that they would think Bloomberg has any special regard for the Biden campaign.

My God, the main reason Bloomy finally entered the race was that he became convinced that Biden is rapidly approaching non compos mentis!

No, I'm thinking the real reason both billionaires got into the race for was because they heard Bernie and Elizabeth talking about massive tax hikes on billionaires. They'd much rather squander cash on trying to get a nomination they're never going to get than they would pay it in taxes.

I have read recently a few articles about journalism lately describing imminent fears that journalists might be replaced by AI. I think they might be overestimating the amount of I required.

Equally amusing is the erupting 'gunfight' between Sanders and Warren. According to Andrea Widberg at The American Thinker:

"It’s funny to see one millionaire socialist attack another millionaire socialist for being a limousine liberal, but that’s the state of the Democrat party today."

The equivalent, I suppose, of the Napoleonic tactic of forming riflemen into squares, er, facing inwards!

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