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January 16, 2020


Speaking of fleecing the flock:

"Can men of our profession worry about things like that? It may even be sacrilegious. If God didn't want them sheared he would not have made them sheep." Calvera, The Magnificent Seven

Thank you PM, for using your platform to damn this charlatan. I have a problem with waking up too early in the mornings, flip on the tv and invariably there's "pastor" Mike Murdoch with his evil smile and his hand out. You know he was part of the whole PTL "ministry" with Tammy Faye and Jim Bakker? Pretty much sums him up.

The AP one assessed his organization gives 1-3% to the poor or needy. You can guess where the rest goes. and, per a wiki entry "On an episode of Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, he bragged about buying a jet with cash, lambasting his congregation for being jealous and telling them to "act happy" for him."

And they will.

PTL-Pass the Loot

I guess I shouldn't expect much from that vial of blessed holy water?

I first learned about Murdock's prosperity ministry in the '90s when a woman gave most of her money to Murdock, then traveled to Argyle, where he previously was situated. She planned to marry him.

When he rebuffed her, she lived on the street for months. The police chief at the time said she was one of a dozen women who came to town thinking they were going to marry Dr. Mike.

The first time I saw The PTL Club on the tube in the 70s, I thought it was a comedy show like Fernwood Tonight. I was laughing my ass off when my wife came in the room and informed me they were serious. I laughed even harder. True story.

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