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January 23, 2020


So, there's nothing wrong with a cover-up, we're just not supposed to call it a cover-up? Interesting. I don't understand the process of a juror sending a note to a presiding judge voicing displeasure about rhetoric. When did that become a thing? Where is the presiding judge on the rules when two senators have left the chambers to give live interviews on Fox News? Why are jurors allowed to come and go during arguments? Sham trial, indeed. And it sounds like our Chief Justice of the Supreme Court is part of the sham.

That's what I was afraid of but it wouldn't be surprising.

If she were a queen, her throne would be a fainting couch. If hand wringing and pearl clutching were olympic events she would be a gold medalist. I hope Maine voters are paying attention and I hope her hypocritical stunt is the act that loses her the election.

About that presiding judge you mentioned. The closest comparison I can think of to his function is a Walmart greeter. Who don't run Walmart either.

I offer a modest test of Collins true mettle. Get word to her that Mitch has ordered a shit sandwich for lunch. And let us see how widely she grins thereafter.

Language matters - not that you would think so from this blog!

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