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January 26, 2020


Why do you bother reading the Bedbug? I understand "know your enemies" and all that, but really ...

So if average American lives haven't changed all that much under Trump then wouldn't it be safe to assume they wouldn't change all that much under a president Sanders or Warren?

You could have said the same thing about Bush the Lesser, right up until The Great Crash, only now we are also dealing with the global catastrophe that is climate change, m which Trump has accelerated.

There will be no President Warren or Sanders. David Cay Johnston told me last month, "The Democrats need to figure out the Electoral College. Warren could win 9 million more popular votes and still lose the Election."

Maybe he should read some of the analysis found in places like Bloomberg or FP. Basically NATO and other alliances exist only in Zombie form. None believe that America will leap to the defense of its allies unless they happen to be dictators. The recent Iranian assassination was the icing on the cake. No one was consulted, no one was even informed. Thereafter all of these nations were threatened, as they are weekly, with trade sanctions if they did not follow the American line. Basically everybody including surprisingly, Britain, looked around at each other and said collectively Trump is a giant asshole. It seems the weekly threats to wage economic warfare on America’s traditional allies has lost its effect.

I find the British case kind of interesting parenthetically and illustrative. Post Brexit they hoped to leverage some trade deal with America to assist in negotiating their future relationship with the much more economically important EU. They have one year to do this and during this year Trump will be in charge. It seems to have dawned on Johnson that servile caving to Trump’s threats is not going to do as a negotiating strategy. Also, apparently, Johnson has actually seen a map detailing Britain’s geographical location vis-a-vis Europe and the USA. Where they once hoped to play Bat Boy to Trump’s Batman it has become clear that lawn jockey is the position Trump has in mind for Britain. And that is very sad.

"the global catastrophe that is climate change"




Haven't felt a thing 'over 'ere in zunny Zummerzet'.

Fuck off troll.

What could those stupid scientists know and their stupid scientific instruments compared to a used car salesman?

It probably wouldn’t. I think PM might be a little wrong. I doubt much of Warren or Sanders legislation would make it far enough to get to a court challenge. For most people business as usual unless and until the Republicans suffer major political reverses in the House and the Senate. And they have taken every possible step to prevent that. And even then the policies being debated would merely come entirely under the Democratic tent. Like ACA was. In which happy case I expect the usual incremental progress. Great Leaps Forward? Very unlikely.

Yeah, because climate and weather are synonyms, right? Sheesh...

Even if the Democrats nominate a well spoken kangaroo, I'm voting blue.

Well, my life hasn't changed much under Trump if you discount the stress caused as I watch the Constitution and rule of law being shredded one day at a time. As for a Warren or Sanders presidency, their big plans would be dead on arrival in Congress but probably every executive order issued would be challenged in court. Only diligent news readers are or would be aware of any of this.

Just as Trump enjoys and takes credit for Obama's economy, we won't feel the full effects of Trump until later. The trade wars will end but all the deregulation and rule changes in every department of the federal government are a mess and may take years to correct.

Trump's lasting legacy will be the four years used by McConnell to pack the courts with unqualified Federalist Society wingnut "judges". We'll be feeling the effects of that for decades.

A sane person would. The only debate now is who could win. I have noticed that opinions on this subject differ.

A thing blowing up right now is some juicy video of good old Bernie speaking positively about that infamous 94 crime bill and its two pronged approach to crime. There is some icing on that cake about the need to build more jails. Oopsy! Now me, I was alive at the time and sentient. Crime rates were very high and this bill was designed to address that. It was broadly popular including with predominantly Black communities that were bearing a lot of the social cost of crime. The effects of mass incarceration were then unknown. They were bad. The pipeline just stayed full. Biden, of course, like so many others, voted for it. And that has been used to try to chip away at his support in the Black communities. As it was with HIllary Clinton though she wasn’t even a politician.The effect was negligible among older Black voters but quite effective with younger “woke” Black voters who weren’t there at the time.

Now I wonder how this is going to play with those same young Black voters. I am assured they are flocking to Bernie’s banner. Warren of course was not on the political battlefield at the time. All we know is she was a Republican then and being tough on crime a Republican warcry. This should get real interesting.

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