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January 13, 2020


Fuck Bernie Sanders. Fuck his unrealistic policy proposals. Fuck his invasion of the Democratic party and fuck his constant bashing of the Democratic party. He's another red faced screaming old man just like Trump and if he wins the nomination we may as well just hand the election over to Trump. I saw a poll of black voters on AM Joy yesterday that showed Joe Biden in first place with 50% support and everyone else far behind. I will never forget or forgive the Bernie Bros aggressive misogyny in 2016. They made the Trump drooling fanboys look like perfect gentlemen by comparison.

Anne, you sure do have a lot of energy.

A Trump Sanders match up would be a clarifying election if nothing else. Bernie won't be the nominee, even if it takes a brokered convention.

That was me in low energy mode.

There is no such thing as a clarifying election--the losers will make up excuses to duck whatever responsibility is theirs; the winners will think they have a mandate to do whatever. We're condemned to repeat the mistakes of the past not because we learn nothing, but because we learn the wrong lessons. Not even the Civil War was "clarifying."

It seems there is no over lap between opposing camps. The sides believe in two different versions of America. Dangerous.

This is kind of interesting. The strategy of seeking endorsements where grassroots members have a say is particularly intriguing. Smart too. Most organizations that offer endorsements don't really solicit their members preferences. Unions would be the classic example. Their leadership are pretty much exclusively interested in what a given politician's espoused policies mean for their members. Which is why Hillary got most of the union endorsements in her head to head with Sanders. They endorse strategically.

On the other hand seeking endorsements where the grassroots, as it were, are allowed a vote or a say, permits Sanders supporting activists to punch above their weight and secure an endorsement where they have only a plurality of support but not a majority. A recent example would be the Sunrise Movement that just endorsed Sanders. Now this is a smart move by Sanders strategists but it also betrays a fundamental weakness that has long been evident with Sanders. The majority of the various factions in the Democratic Party know why they are there and they know what they want. And it isn't what Sanders wants. Unfortunately for Sanders,his most ardent supporters seem to be under the impression that people who represent other factions are somehow illegitimate and it is they who should dictate what those other people want. You see the same thing on the fringe of the right.

I expect the same thing to happen to Sanders as happened to Gillibrand. Most Democrats are just going to ignore him. He will plateau and fizzle.

Bernie turned out to be nothing more than another demagogue. His "policies" are non-starters in Congress. The failure of his presidency would set the Democratic Party back a generation.

Now on that we can agree. The hijacking of our politics by extremists is the greatest problem of our time. Extremists have completely engulfed the GOP and are now threatening the same with the Dems. Meanwhile, most of us are closer to the center, desperate for some reasoned compromise and for solutions that are both practical and humane.

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