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January 20, 2020


This has been a problematic discussion for more than a few people and not just Sanders. Half the stable of writers at Vox for example expressed reflexive outrage that Bernie would say such a shameful thing (and assumed of course that he had). While the other half looked at all of Vox previous writings on the glass ceiling for women and various other inequities standing in the way of women in politics and apparently realized they would look like idiots if they didn't agree with Bernie's position. Eventually they retched a compromise. After the usual caveats about it being complicated they concluded that while Bernie's attributed assessment was true, it was also offensive to say it.

Barack Obama won two presidential elections. In my opinion, it still is inarguable that being an African-American is an obstacle to becoming president.

Yes, being a woman is a huge hurdle to becoming president. And Hillary's implosion in 2016 probably set the time-table back for a couple of decades, at least for the Dems.

I think if there is going to be a female POTUS in the next 10-15 years, it'll be someone on the other side...some celebrity, maybe.

Meh, I’m no Bernie fan but I give him a pass on this one. Being female is definitely an “obstacle.” Male privilege and all that when it comes to positions of leadership. But yes, a woman can still win if she has the talent and her opponent is a buffoon.

We gave Black men the right to vote before we gave women the vote. So it's no surprise that we elected a Black man before electing a woman as President.

In a parallel universe, Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher traded places, with American Thatcher utterly crushing Carter in 1980.

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