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January 08, 2020


Ooh! Whee! This is catharsis at its finest and most potent! Thank you for getting this off my chest.

GOPers be like, "Yes, but he's our liar, swindler, obstructor of justice, conscienceless abuser of power, serial Constitution violator, warmonger of an isolationist, and a pissant of a coward."

I agree with you 100%.

A president blaming his predecessor is not new, especially when warranted.

For Christ sake you people do go on.

Perfectly said, Phil, this pathetic little man deserves all the vitriol any of us can muster.

For Christ's sake you people do go on with your slavish love of Trump's pumping you only with anal sex. Have you pussies ever thought of getting, oh, I don't know, a real man?

Heh... should be on a t-shirt.

Prison rape is hilarious

Calm down, dear, it's only politics! And, were I an American, which 'thank the Lord I'm not, Sir', your foul-mouthed hysteria would definitely send my vote in Trump's direction.

I know you are suffering with il-health but, for God's (or Obama's - if there's a difference!) sake, get a grip!

Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS) is real. Carpenter, yours is self inflicted. Your Amen Chorus seem to take your lead.

Here’s the thing, Whitey. Do you have any evidence that Trump is, you know, actually telling the truth?

No. You don’t. Because there isn’t any. There is, however, ample evidence that he lies with nearly every breath he takes, and that his entire m.o. is simply to inflate his delicate little ego by holding these giant orgiastic circle jerks with people who have been conditioned by right-wing propaganda to despise liberals and everything they stand for (without actually understanding what they stand for).

I don't know...lying? If you like your plan you can keep your plan etc. Or, if you like your terrorist Iranian General you can keep. Oops. You are slinging mud into a high wind, kid.

So one falsehood by Obama, though not necessarily intentional. But yes, I’ll give you that one. One. Now, stop dodging the question regarding Trump‘s 12,000 or whatever lies, including whatever he shat out of his mouth this week regarding Iran. That’s right. You can’t.

As for the Iranian general quip, that doesn’t even make any sense. The idea that Democrats are mourning his death is just another Trump lie that you lap up like like all the other demagogic cum he shoots in your face. Because you like it. You don’t care about truth. You just wanna get off on hating liberals, and he’s your #1 porn star.

Well old boy, I would say, judging by your previous comments a team of draft horses couldn’t have held you back from voting for Trump. He is racist, sexist, deeply ignorant of just about everything. He ticks all your boxes and always has. I look forward to watching your very own Prime Minister trying to parlay your special relationship into anything beneficial to your country. I suspect he will wind up with nothing but a very brown nose.

So, to summarize, during his tenure Trump has inaugurated a trade war that is damaging his supporters in the conservative agricultural sector. Managed to not make Mexico build his wall. Alienated all of America’s traditional western allies. Betrayed others to appease Erdogan. And... oh never mind. I don’t feel like typing for a couple of hours. He has made Putin a very happy man. And made the Chinese laugh. And the North Koreans. And come to think of it, every time he attends an assembly of foreign leaders, he makes them laugh too. I attribute this to Trump derangement.

Obama very clearly meant that, the government through ACA would not make anyone give up their private or employer supplied health care. And it doesn’t. That couldn’t stop employers from doing it to their employees. Conservatives must be so proud that employers can unilaterally cut health care benefits, increase deductibles and otherwise screw with coverage. I note we are still waiting for Trump’s brilliant superior alternative. Doubtless he will get to it in his fifth term. Right wingers are such idiots.

In case you are dense, that means everything Trump said on the subject of health care was a lie.

Did you have to earn your degree in absolute stupidity? Because it appears you've earned a PHd in that field.

The problem with writing stuff when you're in a rage is the collateral damage. I read this post in the middle of the night and, unless I was dreaming, a couple of lines have been removed. I would write something at the time but my nighttime screen is too small and my eyesight is getting worse by the day (most particularly at night). So I hold off and by morning my main objection to this piece has disappeared. We think alike.

Keep it together PM because you're a rare voice with a way with words that most of us don't have and wouldn't really want. It's better to be ordinary and I should know that. I do know that.

Where is Freesia?

And you are exhibiting wvey classic symptom of said terminal malady. Stupid a$$hole.

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