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January 16, 2020


I can see why she said it mind. And why her campaign song should be something like ABBA's Take A Chance On Me. A lot of her campaign is based on the katyusha of policy proposals she has been firing in salvos for the last few months. Many of these make people very nervous and maybe even fearful. So best to say, don't be.

Or, maybe she's speaking aspirationally. She's obviously trying to win. Somehow, I don't see "Fear wins" as the kind of theme that gets one elected.

Maybe that's just me...

Fear does win. It was fear of things not changing that led me to vote for Obama. And fear of what another four years of Trump will get us may just be a winning message this time.

Fear of trump winning reelection is the best thing going for Dems. Warren has to know that.

FDR was right on March 4, '33 and Warren* is sort of right and sort of wrong. Maybe the late, great Molly Ivins (1944-2007) can help here:

"Polarizing people is a good way to win an election, and also a good way to wreck a country.

"Many a time freedom has been rolled back - and always for the same sorry reason: fear."

*although I will not be voting for her in the primary.

"the tens of millions of victims of Trumpism"!

For God's sake, man up! The only *real* victims in the tragic sense of that word in the USA are the citizens of California and Baltimore and Chicago suffering - really suffering! - under disgustingly corrupt and 'stoopid' democratic party regimes.

Whereas you are suffering under Boris "Almost as Stupid as Trump" Johnson. Though to be sure, Johnson has a long way to go before he can catch up with his man crush President Ozymandias in the mendacity department.

Don't slam the door on your way out - that glass house will shatter.

"the tens of millions of victims of Trumpism"! You're right: hundreds of millions. And growing. But what do you care? You'll be dead anyway.

BTW, Boris Johnson is not the Trump of Britain. The Trump of Britain - and most American liberals miss this - is Jeremy Corbin. You're welcome.

Back to Liz Warren, for a while there when she was getting her act really together, running a strong campaign, I was intrigued. I did still worry about whether she could handle Trump. I worry that you have to handicap a woman (right now) about 3% - 5% of the vote.

But right as I got intrigued by Liz Warren, she drank the Bernie Kool-Aid. Abolish private health insurance. Open Borders. Taxpayer-funded health care for illegal immigrants. Good God, even Norway - NORWAY - doesn't give taxpayer funded health care for illegal immigrants. These are the very definitions of political suicide.

Then she came out in favor of taxpayer-funded transgender surgery for prison inmates. Are you fucking kidding me, Liz? And I am very pro-trans; I have a trans daughter for chrissakes. But this is just preposterous.

The collective consciousness of the modern American left, overwhelmingly white, overwhelmingly born and raised in comfort, (1) has a death wish and/or (2) live in a fantasy world, their unicorns pissing rainbows and farting sparkles. Go to any of those pro-Bernie sites: they're every bit as nasty and deranged as any pro-Trump site. We really are seeing the horseshoe effect. Either way, the modern left is hopeless. The thing about professional martyrdom: there is no stopping them.

What to do? What Obama did in '08 and what Trump actually kind of did in '16: target the infrequent voters.

Yes we really hate our health care and labor protections here in California. Quit ranting about subjects where you are completely clueless. Which would leave you mute for life.

Sorry to ruin your day, Max, but I am much in sympathy with what you have written immediately above.

As to your response to my earlier comment, I don't think I have ever expressed the view that Boris is our Trump, indeed, I hope and pray that he is not! They share eccentricity but given Boris's education and background I am confident that he is intellectually streets ahead of 'The Donald' - which will not, of course, mean that he will not make mistakes. And I would add that I am still waiting patiently for the utter mega-disaster that our, er, 'genial' host and most other Lefties have been forecasting confidently ever since Trump won an election they all said he never would!

You should maybe check to see which states are bottom of the heap in terms of economics or literacy or health care or nearly any other measure. They are pretty much all red states. That is Republican turf. Your ability to ignorantly parrot ring wing talking points is becoming legendary. You have become a regular Florida Man. Which by the way, is also Republican turf, and suffers all of the problems of homelessness and crime that you lament.

Fortunately for us all, Trump has been far to busy lining his pockets and tweeting idiocy and engaging in criminal conspiracies designed to attack his domestic political opponents to do as much damage as feared. Although he has managed plenty. Btw what did you think of Trump’s threat to tariff British goods unless Britain took orders on how to deal with Iran? That was interesting wasn’t it? It poses an intriguing question. Post Brexit who isn’t Britain going to be taking orders from? Right now it looks like everybody.

Personally I don’t think Liz is all that bad. But she is relatively new to politics and basically decided to adopt the views of the people giving her the loudest applause. This is a kind of rookie mistake. Loudest almost never means broadest appeal. Having discovered that many of the proposals she has advocated lack broad appeal she has been backing off. This has cost her support in the loud crowd but hasn’t resulted in a pick up of more moderate voters. Mostly because her attempts at moderation are mostly behind the scenes and directed at the despised party establishment. Alas word does get out. She will never be able to out Bernie Bernie.

Oh dear, singular Peter G is tedious enough but double Peter G is eye-stabbingly boring!

I wasn't bored. Peter G made good points in both posts. Maybe you just have something in your eye. ;--

Maybe. But I wouldn't trade that burden for being a mind bogglingly stupid parrot of other dumb people's nitwitticisms. Now that would sting.

This is where I first learned about Liz Warren calling for taxpayer funded transgender surgery for prison convicts, also Sanders' call for giving the Boston Bomber the right to vote.

"I Got Nowhere Else to Go!"

Tom Nichols nailed it earlier this week: Twitter is not a state and has no electoral votes.

OMG. Who do they think they are speaking to?

The Twitterverse. The woke crowd.

I like Liz Warren, too. But she has a tin ear at the presidential campaign level.

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