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January 18, 2020


The question is how many more GOP Reps and Senators (beyond the ones we already know about) are accessories? I'd guess quite a few. They're in on the crime, and that's what's keeping them in line.

Of course they won't do that - they won't even admit to reading newspapers.

Do you think that the GOP Representatives and Senators that may have acted as accessories have acted because they're okay with Trump and Rudy et al and their agenda or because they're being blackmailed in some way? I mean are they willing participants and corrupt traitors or are they scared not to go along? Your best guess.

What a fascinating approach to, er, 'judicial procedure'. No witnesses required, just read - and trust(!) - the 'meeja'.

You certainly do things differently 'over there'!

I just love how the right wingers try to dismiss him as a criminal not to believed. True enough he's a criminal but he's a criminal with receipts in the form of text messages and tons of photos of him not just with Trump but with his family members and numerous other republican politicians. So if he's a known criminal what does that say about them?

As Rachel Maddow said (something like this) last night, when the Trump defenders say that he's been indicted, so he can't be lelieved, just smile and say, "So has everybody else in the Trump administration."

We know that Nines was hip deep in it; Lev has the receipts. We know that McConnell has been involved in getting over $200 million in KY. Collins and Hunter have been convicted of other, unrelated crimes. I think that if they were all put under a microscope we'd find that many of them took Russian money.

Read and trust the media over the last 10 months or so...are you out of your damn mind?! They have shown themselves to be liars knaves and fools and partisan hacks. This show is already being covered like the Mueller witch hunt with the same players using the same ways and means sold to the same marks that swallowed it all before. It's like 2019 never happened. Lucy and her football are on the side lines waiting for the cue.

Dems will, if allowed, turn the proceedings into a Judge Kavenaugh style freak show. Being again outclassed by Donald Trump.

Parnas is hoping for a better deal, even up to avoiding jail. Nothing else.

Sounds about right. I keep thinking about Russians at the Republican convention (??) and that trip various Republican took to Russia on the 4th of July (how appropriate).

And then of course the NRA which is about making money from pushing gun sales and laundering money for Russians to funnel to the GOP.

All right there in front of faces.

Nothing can be outclassed by Trump. He has no class.

The funnier comment was Mr. Duff's. This post was obviously tongue in cheek, which seemed to go right over his head. Even funnier, though, is that Duff was distressed that anyone on the legitimate side could suggest doing, however comically, what Mitch McConnell has been doing for Trump all along. I'm an outrage. The Republican Senate? It's just fine.

Well, 'pm', be fair! Given your normal stratospheric level of hyperbole how am I supposed to spot when you move from rage to humour?

Yes. It is how mobsters are convicted. Their subordinates rat them out to lessen their own sentences. Want the list of Trump appointees convicted or awaiting sentencing?

In Britain sex crimes by prime ministers against minors are covered up from the get go. They certainly do have an interesting view of justice across the pond don’t they.

The Gang that couldn’t collude straight are setting new legal standards for prescience. They all seem to feel the need to hard copy their activities. It is almost as if they feel compelled to keep evidence they can trade for lighter sentences when they get thrown under the bus. And yet I read that Trump’s hotel in DC is chock full of future aspirants for Trump’s endless stream of bus traction mats.

You could just have stuck your fingers in your ears and made loud noise so you can’t hear anything. I’ll just assume reading isn’t your thing.

That's something I hadn't considered. I always wrote it off to stupidity or hubris, the way they have been so cavalier about putting info in emails and paper trails and travel records that so could so easily come back to bite them when investigators and journalists finally get around to doing their job. It wasn't that at all - it was perhaps insurance and bargaining chips to be played if the jig was up. But as you say, they're still showing up at his hotel to be the next one under the bus. I wonder where they'll hole up when he sells it?

Absolutely. Anyone who has seen Trump operate over the years and, of course, considering the type of people he associated with, has to know you don’t trust a snake like that. You keep notes and records, photographs come in particularly handy when Trump declares he never even met you. Yet even as we speak, so to speak, there are more venal scumbags ready to step up to the bat. I used to believe he would run out voluntary scumbags. I confess I was wrong. The supply is endless. They just get scummier.

Could you remind us again how many indictments and convictions "the Mueller witch hunts" snagged? That's quite a few witches, but I have lost count. What's that count again? Oh and "Triump" and "class" in the same breath: For legs good, two legs better.

Scummier indeed. Each replacement for this or that position is worse than the one before. Brazen, shameless. And the need to be even remotely qualified, even if just on paper, is no longer a job requirement. He's also having to dredge up swamp creatures from the past like Ken Starr and giving fellow Epstein associates like Dershowitz a chance to play. At this point he could save time by calling them in for interviews and telling them that part of their benefits package is money for a lawyer and financial provision for their family when they get arrested and if they had any brains they'd demand it.

This is probably a bit late, but I just located it:

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