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January 21, 2020


I just hope that since this won't in any way shape or form going to be a fair trial, I hope that enough republicans lose their seats this fall to hand the majority back to the democrats.

That will depend, I think, on how well the Democrats use it against them and whip them with it. I try to have hope. It's hard.

But the fix is in. McConnell has no shame.

And the democrats know the fix is in. This should be the acquittal that launches a thousand attack ads in senate races all over the country. Sometimes I wonder if it would be better if the democrats lose the presidency but retain the house and win the senate. But then the Republicans would be the vocal minority and Trump with the help of Bill Barr would suddenly discover even more executive powers that really don't exist. No, Trump has to go and as many republican legislators as possible. We simply cannot do four more years of Trump and then get stuck with one of his scummy offspring running and winning in 2024

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