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January 27, 2020


Thank you PM. The roller coaster ride of "Aha! Gotcha!" moments is wearing me out.

Everything you said there. He's not done as long as there's a Moscow Mitch to cover his ample backside. I only differ in that Trumpeteers and Republican senators "won't believe it". Of course they'll believe it. They just won't care.

Not to mention the fact that Trump will stall the book until long after the impeachment is over. He'll cite "national security!" as his reason. At this point Trump regenerates after political damage like the Terminator.

This will eat up the 24/7 news cycle and nothing will come of it. Then on to the next "Aha!". Not to mention the Bolton angle itself. As Josh at TPM pointed out he's a disgrace. He could have offered up this information to the appropriate parties to help his country long ago. Now it's all part of just selling his book. I think that will muddy up his value as a witness should that unlikely event ever happen. It would be like calling in Kitty Kelly as a witness.

Oops. I misread. You pointed out that they won't believe it but they'll buy it.

"Sorry, guys. It doesn't end that way for totalitarian goons."

No, it ends at a Milan gas station. But who in the US has the courage for that?

The point isn't that Trump will have to resign, or that removal is now on the table.

The point is to make Republican Senators, and Trump, explain themselves in the run up to November.

None of this is about persuading Republican Senators to do the right thing. They have no recourse. They have tied, superglued and then welded the Albatross that is Trump to their own necks. None, certainly none planning on sticking around for another Senate election, dares to cross the Trumper faction of the party. Which is why none of this bothers me at all. In one respect the Republicans and Trump have this right. It is a show trial. And all the Democrats could ever expect to do is show the American people exactly who and what the Republicans have become. Which is actually working out as planned. Erosion is a slow process. Hard to see in real time but it is happening.

A further comment on Nancy Pelosi. I so admire this woman. She wisely resisted the premature calls from the overambitious left of her party to instigate impeachment proceedings against Trump. Not because the matters lacked merit though. But they were more debatable. Was paying off a stipper under the table with campaign funds a crime? It surely was if you could prove they were campaign funds. Those are easy waters to muddy. But no. Nancy waited until she had the perfect issue of absolute crystal clarity to both unite her party and embarrass and divide the GOP. Behind the united front in the Senate much pants shitting is taking place.

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