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January 24, 2020


Ann Coulter is just the stringier twin of her twisted sister Kellyanne Conway and like Conway she makes money by sneering and spitting out this garbage. She'll never stop. Not as long as she can make a buck. I've never been sure whether she's actually a true believer on any level or if she just prostitutes herself to it.

Ah the Coultergeist speaks again. Figuratively. One has to admit that repetition can be a little tedious. Lord knows Rachel Maddow's show would last ten minutes if she didn't do that. But most of us who weren't home schooled recognize that teachers have to do this on behalf of the slow students. Those do set the pace when it comes to instruction. And I recognize the symptoms of those whose best subject was recess, in other words Trumpers.

Unfortunately for Ann the polling says that the Democratic impeachment strategy is working. Only the dimmest of the dimwits are holding fast to the nothing to see here line. She does have her audience though, the terminally stupid.

Makes a ton of money doing it too. Which has always made me appreciate our host's endless resistance to the dark side of the force. I think he could do it better.

Long ago, I taught business courses at a local college for several years. I quickly learned that repetition and an oversimplified vocabulary was the winning combo. However, I also learned there was nothing I could do for the dim bulbs that would become the Coultergeist's audience.

Thanks PG for making me laugh, funniest line I've seen in a while - "those whose best subject was recess"

Guess who is Ann Coulter’s self declared biggest British fan. You will probably not be shocked.

So there is a thing happening that bears discussion. Bernie, folically challenged Bernie, has decided to treat himself with Rogan. Now I happen to believe this is the most toxic thing any Democratic candidate could do which is invite the deplorables discussed above back into the Democratic Party’s tent. Many, like Ezra Klein are arguing that this is a necessary thing to do to win elections. Which is pure bullshit. Furthermore Ezra has accused Obama of trying to do the same thing. Also bullshit.

So let us be clear about Bernie’s ask. The person who presents himself as the most progressive of candidates is the one who wants to accept the endorsement of a person who has not only attacked gays and transgendered on air. But also publicly accused HIllary Clinton of Qanon level conspiracy and murders. Sure Bernie, that is what the Democrats need isn’t it? Or maybe it is just what Bernie needs.

Bernie's national press person said: "Sharing a big tent requires including those who do not share every one of our beliefs, while always making clear that we will never compromise our values. The truth is that by standing together in solidarity, we share the values of love and respect that will move us in the direction of a more humane, more equal world."

The Republicans tried that. They welcome into their tent Dixiecrat racists and homophobic evangelicals and ignorant Tea Baggers and all they got for their trouble was to have their party devoured by Donald Trump. And you know the old saw about how it's better to have your foe inside the tent peeing out? What about when you've let them in the tent and instead of peeing out - they're just peeing all over your tent?

Bernie is all about Bernie. Bernie wants the power. And this election is his last shot at getting it.

And just something I wanted to note about that ridiculous statement. Her name is Brianna Joy...something or other. "We will never compromise our values". You just did dear. And "by standing together in solidarity we share the values of love and respect". By standing together with someone who made a point of not showing love and respect. I swear, that could have come out of the mouth of Kellyanne Conway.

Yes, indeed, I am proud to declare myself a "Coultergeist" fan! Not the least of her attractions is that she is able to express herself in plain English without the burden of several tons of expletives and other 'Shlock-Horror' expressions!

Come Duff, be honest. What really gives you a stiffy is when she says the most outrageous things. That is actually almost the funniest part really. You will never ever realize how exactly like the very people you most despise that you are. Have you noticed that most of the people who offer their opinion here have no problem criticizing the actions or beliefs of the far left or people who have attached themselves thereto. Probably not. Who is to the right of you and what beliefs do they hold that you think excessive? Nothing that I can see. Look to your right and all you see are history’s worst villains. That is your comfort zone. Enjoy it.

Btw, have you personally perfected any Jews lately? Or advocated, as Coulter has, invading your neighbors to steal their natural resources?

I'm sorry David, but there's other ways to be profane than use cuss words. Pretty much every bit of language out of Ann Coulter's mouth, or from her keyboard, or just the thoughts in her head, her basic attitude about humanity, is a profanity. I'd rather hear a stream of F bombs or read through a pile of scatological phrases than an of the "plain English" you admire from Ann. They're cleaner.

Interestingly enough the current Democratic big tent is so odious that Bernie can’t stand to stay in it one minute longer than it takes to get elected under the Party banner.

I think, Freesia, you are confusing 'words' with 'opinions'. The latter may well be detestable but that is no reason to use ugly words to describe them. The immediate result of doing so is that people with no formed conclusion will simply avoid reading them. That, of course, is why I, personally, deserve a medal for plowing through our host's daily, er, 'stream of unconsciousness'!

In the unlikely event, Peter, that you should discover something that, at my age, gives me "a stiffy", I will cover you in kisses by way of thanks!

Also, in my ignorance, I would be very grateful if you could explain the meaning of your question to me: "Btw, have you personally perfected any Jews lately?" To say that I am puzzled is an understatement!

Hey David, I think you meant ploughing. Which we both do every day. Continue.

It's not that Americans can't spell. They have there own stuff. It's that you change your spelling in order to get kudos from people who don't care. It's honour, colour, and even valour. We can spell. So can they but it's different to ours. Don't convert. Stay authentic, Otherwise, you're gone.

Alas, Mary, 'there is nothing so divides us as our common language', or something like that! Actually, I did use the word 'ploughing' in my draft but thought it might not be understood 'over there'. Even writing it now I see that it has been underlined in red to indicate a spelling error! Even so, I think you must know me well enough by now to realise that I never seek kudos from anyone anywhere - least of all here!

Oh hell, now the mysterious 'teacher in the ethos' has underlined "realise" and threatened me with extra homework if I don't spell it as "realize"!

Well, I plough on and try to stay positive which is getting harder every day. I will always retain my eccentric English spelling and I have faith that the boffins around here can work it out...even if they think I'm a rubbish speller. Grammatical errors are ensured by my small screen and failing eyesight. I like pens! That way I can spell and write freely and never put capital letters into the middle of a sentence.

I don't know who Anne Coulter is, nor do I care.

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