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January 21, 2020


Basically the whole clan is trailer trash. And that is why they are so beloved by trailer trash.

And the Trump decorating taste is how trailer trash would decorate if they suddenly won the power ball lottery.

His whole life has essentially been a search for status among the elites and acceptance by them. And let's be honest politicians of every stripe were happy to take his money. But they always laughed at this parvenu and his pretensions.Still do every time world leaders get together. Among the Russians he would be described by that deadliest of insults, nekulturny. He is uncultured. Reading is hard. Buying gold plated toilets easy. And he has at last found respect with his natural people. Trash.

They're a fascinating clan. In most any family you can always find a rotten one or two. We've all got them on our family trees. But the Trumps are all (with the possible exception of Tiffany and poor Barron) just revolting people who almost by reflex reach for whatever is inappropriate, cruel, infantile, greedy, illegal, sleazy, pornographic, embarrassing. They say things with no awareness, or concern and are even proud of being what's stated above - trashy. They work at it.

I wouldn't know how to assemble such a group of social and immoral misfits if I tried. I'd figure at least one of them would balk and slink away. It's fascinating in a horrifying kind of way. The Trump's, both born or assimilated, are just awful people. Just gross.

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