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January 15, 2020


There are a series of articles being published at Vox that will task various writers to make the best case for the Democratic candidates polling above ten percent. The first was by Yglesias and his subject was Sanders. The second, which just came out, is by Ezra Klein and he drew Warren. Neither of these guys are fools and both are worth reading.

These are the best cases mind and if you have ever been called to debate a subject and wish you were given the other side to advocate then you can understand how much like homework this can be. The piece by Klein mostly demonstrates his own limited understanding outside of particular fields of knowledge. His conclusion is that Warren is the superior candidate because she advocates superior policies that are the result of her own in depth research. Klein, a policy wonk, sees in Warren the policy wonk of his dreams. And that is his giant blind spot.

I mention this because I do believe Warren does have great expertise in very particular areas like finance and consumer interests. Elsewhere she is spectacularly ignorant and the policies she advocates extremely foolish. Not only has she done no research, she like Sanders, do not even understand the basics. Both their policies are often based solely on what
their ideological supporters want to hear. The first paragraph you cite of Drehle's piece is a case in point. The GND is arrant nonsense. The policies both Warren and Sanders speak glibly of ending fracking and nuclear power. You need not take my word on anything technical relating to this. But every person who does understand these things will also be happy to explain these things. These are stupid ideas that will make it virtually impossible to address climate change. They are inescapably and absolutely counterproductive to that goal. But their supporters simply do not care. It is what they want. So that is what both Warren and Sanders will say.

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