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January 09, 2020


I think Trump has not a clue about how this game is played. Soleimani was a very adept player of the game. So much so that his skill was admired by professionals on the other side of the conflict. Hubris did him in. Had he stayed in Iran and directed operations, as his replacement surely will, he would have been untouched. The nature of those operations were more interesting. Absolutely none of them involved direct armed conflict with Americans, or the Israelis, or the Lebanese. The one possible exception to that was Syria but there America was using its own surrogates and allies that were so recently abandoned. Whenever possible the Iranians use allies like the Shia Iraqis and Hezbollah and other such groups. The Iranians still have all their allies don't they?

Why would anyone expect that anything at all will change in how the Iranians operate? A bomb damages a tanker in the Persian Gulf and a message is sent. They didn't close the Straight of Hormuz but the message is they didn't need to do that to cause trouble and expense. The conflict in the Arabian peninsula is hitting Iranian allies hard? A major Saudi refinery gets hit and that message is sent. Those are extremely vulnerable installations. Soleimani was very adept at this form of asymmetrical conflict. There is no reason whatsoever to believe they will stop and every reason to believe they will continue.

Trump understands none of this.

Fill in the blank with "me" or "the world". To DJT, they're the same thing.

"Donald Trump’s rant against Iran is the howl of a dying empire" ---
Simon Jenkins

You ask: "Or has my justifiably pathological hatred of this clueless goon finally diseased my judgment?"

The answer, I regret to say - and I really do regret it - is YES.

I am not familiar with how Typepad works.

If I sign in for a Typepad identity, would I become able to block the comments which I am not interested in reading from appearing on my screen, the way I can do on Disqus?

Move to Twitter. You can block or mute whoever you want. When you figure out how to block comments you don't want to read without reading them first let us all know.

I shun all social media.

I guess I'll just have to go back to shunning this site as well, or at least avoid reading the comments.

Life is too short to waste any of it reading reactionary commenters.

This site does not display comments unless you click the comments button. But even if your settings always cause comments to be displayed who makes you read them? I am curious to know.

Point taken. Sayonara.

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