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February 13, 2020


I am quite comfortable with all this myself. Anyone who expected Trump to behave differently once given license to do so is really a coward or an idiot. Collins is very upset with the press I understand. She just has no idea why they would keep badgering her about about the license she handed Trump. So too are all the other paragons of virtue who sit as Republican Senators. But they need not worry. As soon as Trump starts to behave like the chastened buffoon they were sure he would be then these questions will stop. And that's going to be never.

Rick Wilson told them. Now that they have acquitted him, they are his servants. And if they get into any trouble he won't have their backs. To him, loyalty has been and always will be a one way street.

That devil inside my head is bugging me again. There's a part of me that wants to see Trump reappointed (he was never really elected) but have the democrats hold onto the house and take the Senate. It might be four more years of deadlock, but it's better than the unchecked power republicans have given this spoiled brat of a president like permissive parents of an unruly child scared that he will throw a hissy fit if they don't give him his way. I think I need to be talked down from the ledge again.

She likes to pull Noonans when she's called out on her hypocrisy/stupidity. I'm sure that, like poor disconsolate Peggy, she's shocked and deeply saddened by the mean people who want to hold her to account.

Was Peggy Noonan the one propagandizing the Iraq war? Poor little Susan Collins is going to clutch her pearls into dust by election day.

Yep. And she's deeply saddened that people like us remember.

To paraphrase JFK's great speech Trump's view is that one should not ask what your country can do for you but what you can do for Trump.

The same devil whispers in my ear. Wouldn't it be glorious?

The only concern I can see now is that Trump's bitch boy Barr will still be at D.O.J. doing most of the Donald's dirty work. At least until he pisses Trump off and gets thrown into that large and ever growing discard pile of Trump's.

You'd have to impeach Barr first and /or have an endless cycle of investigations. More fun.

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