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February 13, 2020


Now PM we need not disrespect the place of greens in this world. Food has to eat something too. To be fair the purer form of vegans are not limited to the Sanders crowd. In fact judging by the numerous pictures I have seen of them en masse there are more cheaters there than not. And I know you are using this only metaphorically.

Still one of the most unintentionally funny goddam things I have ever read has the same spirit. It was a Vox article about how mean and callous meat eaters were to vegans. Unnecessarily so she argued for vegans were merely more enlightened. And she boldly asserted that though she had long been a vegan herself had never met one of those offensive vegans that were mocked and parodied by the carnivorous. Her conclusion was that the mean meat eaters only did this out of projection because they were embarrassed by their moral inferiority.

I offered to send her a mirror.

Thank you for this PM. I had heretofore thought I was the only one who believed that the pivot point for the demise of Western civilization was the Cookie Monster's makeover. I've been laughed at for my viewpoint and now I feel a sense of vindication.

When confronted by an especially obnoxious vegan, I tend to cite out the academic research that suggests plants are conscious too. The implication being that to be truly moral, one has only two choices--stop eating or consume only Twinkies. It usually shuts them down.

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