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February 12, 2020


It is bleakish. Before we ever get that far Warren and Sanders will have to mount a truly bloody assault on the idea of a billionaire becoming the Democratic nominee. Which either works and drives centrist support back to other centrists candidates. Or it doesn't and Bloomberg pulls it off and then the Oaths are tested. And the leftist candidates loudly support and endorse Bloomberg. That idea makes me laugh. No they won't.

I'd take billionaire Bloomberg over bloviating Bernie any day of the week.

By the way, all is not lost. It seems some of these evil Democratic Party establishment types, otherwise known as unions, do not like Bernie's version of socialism. There are some obvious reasons for this with regard to M4A which these otherwise highly regard inhabitants of the Democrat's big hold dear. They don't want to lose benefits, they don't want to pay more taxes to cover the poor (and never have) and they damned well do not want to wait in line with those poorer souls and their families.

But there is also a larger existential threat to unions of which they are fully aware. What is the point of being in a union or paying dues if it doesn't get you better stuff than the plebes? Most other issues of yore, things like health and safety regulations, are enshrined in black letter law. Other things they have secured for themselves in negotiations, like parental leave distinguish them from the general population. Take those away and they are doomed. And they know it. So they will support centrist candidates as they have traditionally done.

Direct link to the article: Yea I'd say they have concerns.

I'm sure they're a very powerful union in Nevada probably one of the biggest service sector employment states in the country. I'm on disability and on Medi-Cal ( the name for Medicaid in California) and I really don't want to get stuck in some backlog when I never was before. Medical coverage is not one size fits all.

As a goal it is the very thing. A lot of people think that is what we have in Canada. It is not. We have tiered system where some people have much better health care than others. The higher tiers of government funded health care are reserved for politicians and public employees at all levels government. They get lot of benefits that the rest of us don’t. We have a federal party, the NDP, that poses as a socialist party but for the last thirty years have evolved into representing only public and private sector unions. Which means they represent no one else. They used to. Well I am a socialist. So I like to embarrass the hell out them whenever possible.

Joe had is chance. He, somehow, blew it. I don't think that a politician should be able to "buy" an election. But I shall pinch my nose and support bloomberg. ANYONE BUT TRUMP!!!

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