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February 01, 2020


This foppish Politico scribbler goes on with meaningless narrative while being unaware or uninterested in a real crime family called the Clintons. No one crosses them for fear an accident or dirt or hidden skeletons in their closet being released to the media, who will dutifully report it on behalf of the Clintons.

More Clinton bashing? Did Comey find some more emails, and call a press conference? Are Putin's people hard at work ginning up more misinformation? Will 2016 never end? Just asking.

Well you tell me Red. Everything to date has been about the loss in 2016 and the Dems derangement afterwards. This Schiff load of "impeachment" that is ending is part of it and not the last of it.

Oh for fuck sake! Let her go already you poor obsessed fool.

Clearly that's what you believe in your HDS addled brain. So what if she's been investigated for 30 years. If she was such a criminal why did republicans leave her alone after she lost in 2016? Is she that brilliant of a criminal mastermind? Are republicans just too stupid and incompetent to find her "obvious" crimes? Or are they a bunch of corrupt assholes and their decision to stop hauling her in for hearings (which she was never afraid of) was an admission that all of those hearings were purely political all along?

Like I said, the Clinton family network leaves no one untouched if needed. Enemies are scrubbed, like with a cloth or something if needed. I have a feeling the law is not done with the Harridan.

Twenty-eight years of baseless slander isn't enough? I have followed the lunatic ravings of the Clinton Crazies for that long, and not anything you say is true. Whitewater? Vince Foster? Travelgate? Filegate? The "Boys on the Tracks"? All lies, and proven to be lies.

And yet mental midgets like you keep going to the gutter, convinced that there must be SOMETHING you can prove. And there isn't, so you just make shit up.

You are a sad, deluded little person. Sucks to be you.

And you'll go to your grave swamped by your hallucinations. You get one life, pal, and you're pissing your away.

Oh no, mine has been fine and I am enjoying a comfy retirement and have been for several years. You people are the ones F-ing and P-ing yours away. And so overcome with emotion that is almost runs down the page.

All hearings among politicians are "political".

Sorry but you don't get to play the law and order card anymore now that your dear leader Kim Jong Don has the blessing of the drooling fanboy republicans in the senate to do whatever he wants like he's a fucking king. You people think democrats are only after him because they are still sniveling over 2016. They're not but even if they are you guys are the ones still whining about the woman who lost.

Wrong again, conspiracy theorist nut bag.

Care to cite a case? I thought not. They must be regular Macavities, these Clintons. Did your Peak get stifled? All those investigations and you guys couldn’t find enough evidence to convict them of squat. Meanwhile they are going to have to expand the prison system to accommodate Trump staffers. Imagine what would happen if they weren’t letting half of them get away with their crimes? You are really not establishing a reputation for intellect or reasoning ability here Whitewall.

Intellect and reasoning? Peter I do believe you would lick yourself all over while singing "How Great Thou Art" and looking in the mirror if you could. You can lead the Amen Chorus here just fine.

I have a feeling that our friend Whitewall would find more agreeable company and beliefs in Duffland. This takes me back a few decades when I used to stop nearly every day after work at the same coffee shop to caffeinate and read all the accumulated papers. There were always the same guys camped out there, all day as far as I can tell, retired lunchbuckets who were expert on all the things a modern major general might be expected to know and then some. They were loud of course in that Cliff Clavin way. For they wished to enlighten all with their in depth knowledge of such things as the water powered car suppressed by GM and Ford etc. The one, you know, that burns water instead of gasoline. Sagely they would nod at each other’s pools of insider knowledge. Stuff that only the heppest of cats were privy too. It was hard for me to keep a straight face sometimes. And I wasn’t the only one from whom involuntary guffaws escaped.

Everyone knows of Jesus’ observation that the poor we shall always have with us. Banished to the apocrypha was his aside, dimwits too.

Trump paid $25M to settle a suit against him for FRAUD about a month before swearing in as POTUS.

Don’t need a mirror to see dumb people W. It is practically a sixth sense. And they don’t even know they are dumb. You and Duff always remind of that witch burning scene from Monty Python and the Holy Grail. What did Clinton do? Turn you into a newt? But you got better.

To hear Whitewall tell it, he's apparently perfectly happy in his retirement while everyone he hates are fucking and pissing away theirs. If the pathetic little tool is so happy why does he still cry about a private citizen?

I believe the term for this disorder is dyspeptic oldfartism. As you get older you have to watch out for the signs.

Nineteen comments?! Gosh gang, was it something I said? Anne you sure do a lot of F-ing. Wish I had your stamina or imagination.

Why Whitewall you have nothing but imagination.

When you have no argument...

How many innocent, young bits were killed off to maintain this useless thread? WW is no more worth the effort than Duff. Why let yourselves be triggered by a fool?

Most perceptive comment regarding your pals here. They simply needed an outlet for their hate, rage and frustration after the "impeachment" sham fell flat.

Public service Doc. Masochists have their needs and it costs me nothing to accommodate them.

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