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February 11, 2020


Meanwhile, the pundits on Morning Joe today were absolutely giddy at the prospect of Bloomberg taking down Biden and a brokered convention. "There will be blood in the streets in Milwaukee" one quipped, and everybody giggled at the prospect. Truth to tell, Trump has been so good for the liberal media, ratings wise, that they possibly, secretly, want him re-elected. And a war in the Democratic party would solidify that outcome.

I think a brokered convention extremely likely now myself. Liz has indicated she isn't going anywhere judging by her public declaration that it would betray the hopes of young women everywhere if she surrendered just because things got hard. The traffic in the centrist lane is now the focus of combat. And nobody there seems inclined to fall on their swords either. It will, as Doc pointed out above, be riveting media entertainment.

I think it will be more like what one of Nietzsche's grad students said after the philosophy seminar. The old guy is nuts. What doesn't kill you just makes you weaker and easier to kill later. ,

I liked this idea.

Hey if Bloomberg manages to pull this off he will have made the case that money is a decisive factor in politics regardless of its source, small donors, big donors, self-financed, whatever. That is a pretty big if. But something tells me, a gut feeling if you will, that though Sanders is an honorable man (and Warren an honorable woman) they and their tribes will not come together in unity to praise billionaire Bloomberg but to bury him.

Before then, of course, if Bloomberg makes serious inroads on Biden's turf then the progressive tribes will have to assault him because hey... he's a billionaire. But not part of the despised party establishment. So just rich then. If that attack works then where does Bloomberg's support go I ask myself. Probably back to a centrist candidate I should think. Buttigieg? Klobuchar? Maybe Biden. I guess we will see.

I am used to playing chess where you must be able to flip the board and see it as your opponent does or you will lose. This is more like playing Chinese Checkers. And doing so in interesting times as the Chinese like to say.

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