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February 10, 2020


This reminds me of your earlier post. These people seem like the ones likely to die of an overdose, deaths by despair. But I also know Trump supporters who are college educated. Which proves that having a degree doesn't necessarily mean you're smart.

You're right Anne. Lots of college educated suits here in Devin Nunes land. Even the new generation farmers have advanced degrees in various Agricultural sciences. But as Ron White says: You Can't Fix Stupid.

While it is true, as observed by Anne and Halster above, there are indeed college educated Trumpers you generally don’t find them in their wild natural state except in the hinterlands. One must also distinguish Trumpers from conservatives. As an engineer I know a lot of other engineers. And they do tend to be conservative in nature. But I have yet to find one who admits to being Trumper. By and large they share my contempt for idiots. We have a motto that parallels that of doctors: First, do no stupid.

My word, how that diatribe against the 'untermensch' must have cheered you up and made you feel so enormously superior.

From your tone, I assume there is only one possible, er, 'final solution' to this problem!

Oh no. It’s the same old solution. We laugh at you.

I wish I felt this is the whole story. But, as I often lament to my wife "I can understand a bunch of men being stupid and ignorant enough to vote for Trump, what do you expect, but how in the hell do ANY WOMEN decide to vote for him? I never would have believed he could have female supporters. But, instead, we see sweatshirts with 'Mr. President, you can grab my pussy any time'. WTF!"

It’s just another way for them to troll Democrats. They despise us, and Trump not only channels but revels in that animosity. They’re addicted to him and the hatred he embodies, and so they’ll take any criticism of him and twist it around so as to deny it while simultaneously mocking Democrats. They care far more about humiliating and eliminating us than they do about women’s empowerment—which they now view as some liberal cause and thus something to be derided and dismissed.

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