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February 15, 2020


The only people making the argument there was a quid pro quo are the ones trying to prove the Justice Department is corrupt. The problem is straightforward. How were you going to secure a conviction against McCabe unless you had incontrovertible proof of a criminal act that could survive a jury. Never mind a ham sandwich indicting grand jury. In these polarized times getting a conviction requires just that unless someone knows a way to consistently stack juries. They had no such evidence against McCabe period. But I will be happy to list a few they did manage to convict.

When Barr was appointed many argued he would destroy the Justice Dept. And still are. I have never subscribed to the theory of minions popular among the far left and right. The Deep State horse shit was popular on the left too. Still is too although now they call them The Establishment. Trump may even have believed that by appointing an advocate of the idea of the unitary executive such as Barr has always been he could just walk in and everybody would fall in line and leap at the opportunity to minion away at the salt mines. That idea was always ludicrous and it obviously isn’t happening. Barr can announce whatever investigations he likes but he can’t seem to determine the results. Hell he can’t even overturn convictions.

Everything you say is true here, Peter. But I recall that the point of all the Ukraine skulduggery was to obtain an announcement of an investigation--the outcome was irrelevant. Same with Hillary. Simply investigating endlessly is what the GOP wants. That it continues to find nothing indictable is in one respect beside the point, and in another, for the GOP base, simply proof of the need to dig deeper. And for McCabe, causing pain and anxiety while tarring the FBI was sufficient. The pain serves "pour encourager les autres." Do anything the Dear Leader doesn't want and we'll put you through hell. Because we can.

This argument is the one I agree with. Throw enough crap and it doesn’t matter whether it is true or not. I can only imagine how inspiring this must be for the people who constitute the deep wells of institutional experience at State or the JD or the Dept of Energy where a Masters in physics qualifies you only to fetch coffee. Apparently we can look forward to further firings from the Trump Administration. The Putz in Chief is dismayed that loyalty to America does not equal loyalty to Trump. His one time bodyguard and coke fetcher has returned and is to be in charge of hiring across the entire government! The guy couldn’t pass a basic background check to qualify for a security clearance. Unfortunately for these nitwits nothing works the way they imagined.

What we are watching is the natural result of the deep state being found out. On one side you have those demanding to maintain the status quo for the deep state where the law is used as a political weapon to push their agenda while the other side wants the entire mess cleaned up. In an add on to the McCabe statement from DOJ, there was a qualifier that said no charges "at this time". There is another investigation underway far from the DC swamp.

DOJ lawyers and Dem pols sense a quickening under way. They are nervous with good reason.

Lol!! You're funny!

Anne, you do nervous laughter better than anyone on this site.

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