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February 25, 2020


Let's infect CPAC and see...

He made millions being a hate monger. He's profited handsomely off the politics of division. He isn't even worth the amount of saliva required to spit on his grave.

Well I for one intend to commence my jig of sorrow early.

As opposed, say, to this distinguished blog which only ever preaches moderation and mutual respect to its political opposites!

When have I ever preached respect for dumbfucks? Moderation, intelligent readers understand and appreciate. Radicalism is for the deservedly scorned.

No we don’t. Never have. Neither have you. Or are you going to tell us how we should respect white supremacists now? You are perfectly free to respect scum. We don’t have to.

Rush says it's the common cold with a 98% survival rate. Except for old guys with advanced lung cancer. Then there's a 61.5% mortality rate. Let's see how that works out for him.

And by all means, let's follow Duff's example of genteel discourse.

To better understand your, er, cryptic comment above, I would be grateful for your definition of "dumbfucks".

You, for one.

"Ho, ho, very witty, Wilde".

You don't get to complain about uncivil discourse. Not with your "Fauxcahontis" and "Hillbilly" crap.

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