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March 24, 2020


Chill. Read Rachel Bitecofer. What we don't need is a lot of whiney hand-wringing, "Oh, we're gonna lose!" cheap and lazy defeatism. Take a cue from our hero and think of his resolve in, oh, January, 1942.

Has there ever been a time in our nation’s history when roughly 40% of the population didn’t consist of selfish, benighted, racist dolts?

Don't worry. Trump is an idiot. Let him worry about the wrong thing, his personal popularity. If he follows through on his idiot plans all hell will break loose.

Your "once-great nation" - your words and sentiments not mine! - remains a pillar in this world. Yes, like every other nation-state, it is riven with fault lines but, as so often in its history, 'in extremis' its virtues dominate its vices, unlike a host of other crooked, evil and stupid regimes, particularly the one that kicked off this pandemic and is keen to see it bring your country and the rest of the world to its knees.

Man up and, in the end, all will be well!

Do you know how to read a logarithmic graph? I will bet not. So if I understand correctly your oblique reference to China is supposed to convince us that they decided to attack their largest customer for everything and also the country in whose sovereign debt they have massive investments. That would be the same China on which the US and also your own country rely for the supply chain needed to make and supply urgently required PPE and medical devices.

Somebody's been reading Zero Hedge again haven't they? Well knock yourself out. Dispatch your new aircraft carrier Liz and give 'em what for. I mean once you get some planes for it.

Really PM you need to stick around and see what happens next. I will point out that tornado season is imminent. After that comes fire season in arid areas. And then hurricane season is up. And all before the election. What the Horse's Ass of the Apocalypse and who he plans to blame for these intrigues me, I confess.

Today: "New Monmouth poll finds Biden leading Trump 51%-40% in 300 swing counties decided by 10 points. Hillary Clinton won by 1 point.

"Monmouth poll directed noted Trump's approval in swing counties remains close to 2018."

WaPo: "Trump remains unpopular in swing counties, just like 2008: The story in the swing states has been remarkably consistent."

Also, much of the finest writing remains with Never-Trumper Republicans. While not a large slice (~10%?), they are highly motivated. The would vote for Trump over Sanders, but they will vote for Biden over Trump. And they will vote.

You ain't seen nothin' yet.

"the same China on which the US and also your own country rely for the supply chain needed to make and supply urgently required PPE and medical devices."

So helping to spread a pandemic means they will sell 'gazillions' more of their PPE and medical devices as well as weakening their No. 1 enemy!


Dulce et decorum est pro Trump moria. China figured out how to get this under control. Although I note your conspiracy theory requires they not only try to kill themselves first but then demonstrate how to get it under control. Seems odd to me. But maybe they just want to knock off slow learners. Still my offer stands, you get to lead the crusade.

"Dulce et decorum est pro Trump moria"

Possibly one of the most disgusting lines I have ever seen in 'Blogdom'. To take delight, to relish, in imagining the death of your own President elected by a majority of American citizens in a free election! But of course, he's not your President, is he, you Canuck pillock? If Carpenter had an ounce of decency he would ban you for life!

Except of course it is Trump himself suggesting a couple million other older Americans should die for their country — and he was not elected by a majority of voters; he lost by three million votes. Other than that, spot-on, Mr. Duff.

If you knew something about English literature ((It is the title of a poem) or Latin you would know that the original said It is sweet and seemly to die for one’s country. My version says that it is sweet and seemly to die for Trump. No possible construe could make this mean what you said. But then again you are an idiot.

Give it a read Duff. Dulce et Decorum Est is a brilliant descriptive poem by one of your country’s greatest war poets, Wilfred Owen. It dates from the First World War which he did not survive. And very apropos when it comes to coughing out your life.

I didn't mean to butt in, but this was an older post, and I didn't think you'd see Mr. D's uninformed assault.

No problem. Duff likes to drop round old posts and try to sneak in a last word. As if it made him victorious. I think everyone should read that poem though. I read it as a teenager and never could forget it.

'Mea culpa, mea maxima culpa"!

My error and I apologise. My 100 x lines will be handed in tomorrow morning!

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