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March 12, 2020


Good to hear.

She is wise beyond her years.

Wise girl. She is young she will still have plenty of opportunities to travel.

"And there'll always be an England"!

I'm sure you're relieved. I would be.

It's not that your daughter would likely get really sick; she might, but the data on the younger populations are generally not that dire. The danger is her being a carrier. The data on the over 60s are not good. Really not good.

Out spy satellites are showing that in Iran they are digging mass graves the size of football fields.

As of today all of 11,000 Americans have been tested. That's it. In South Korea, the model of how to handle Coronavirus, they are testing 10,000 a DAY.

My son's wedding has been postponed. He was due to marry his South Korean fiancee in May. All flights from SK have been cancelled so the guest list was much depleted. Maybe it will happen later this year.

Terrifying, even for some of the young, as in the case of 29-year-old Dr. Xia Sisi.

I just read that Denmark has closed( or is closing) its borders effective until Easter. Only necessary imports like food and medicine etc. are going to be allowed to enter.

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