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March 26, 2020


James Woods is a creep. He's always been a creep.

I read through the comments on his twitter there. Was startled to find out he has a girlfriend. Poor dear.

Remember when, before the US dropped bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, it was first tested on an American city. I can't recall the name just now. But it was just like what the Chinese did.

Poor James. Desperately trying to be relevant.

Yes, indeed, nations are ruthless in war and I for one am deeply grateful that America was so inclined when it A-bombed Japan and forced them to surrender. I guess that a 'yuuuuuuge' number of American families were similarly grateful particularly if their sons and fathers were scheduled to fight their way up the Japanese archipelago which Japan had already demonstrated would be defended with suicidal fanaticism.

I will not be able to sleep until our learn-ed 'Canuck' remembers which American city was used for testing an A-bomb! (What's he on?)

And how 'bout that Betty Grable? Hubba hubba.

"And wouldn't you know it? It further seems that the Clintons and Barack Obama were in on the fix, were traitors within, were villains in the service of menacing globalism."

The funny part about this is that the far Right and the far Left believe this...even though Clinton and Obama left the country in far better shape than when they came into office.

Alas Duff, I doom you to eternal wakefulness. Why don't you brush up on your rather poor Latin while you are awake. Here's a lesson:

There is a funny aspect to these conspiracy theories you know. Having convinced themselves this is all an evil plot by the Chinese for some reason or other to start biological warfare the rest of the world they have a problem. Okay. What's the plan then? We have our resident loon so we should ask. What is the plan Duff? Thermonuclear war? Nasty letter to the Times? Call them names? What is the plan?

Glad you're reading and recognizing Tom Nichols, who has emerged as one of the most interesting voices at this juncture.

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