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March 22, 2020


And the pathetic attempts at stimulus aren't sufficient either. The U.S. GDP last year was roughly $21 trillion, which is about $1.75 trillion per month. Since the whole country is going to have to shelter in place because of the Trump administration's complete non-response to the pandemic (which they knew was coming back in early January), the economy will shut down dramatically as well. Goldman-Sachs has said the economy will contact by as much as 24% next quarter. Millions of people will be out of work; hundreds of thousands of small businesses will be at risk. A one-time, roughly $1 trillion stimulus package isn't going to help much. To forestall a great depression, the government will have to step in to provide at least half a trillion per month for the duration. Probably more on the order of a trillion a month. National paid sick leave, help for small businesses. The whole magilla.

The orders are in. You may take that as read. Every manufacturer of everything in demand has full order books stretching years out. And they know how to do it. Those are the people who need resources allocated to them. Specifically raw materials and the supply chain of subcomponent suppliers. To double or triple output they need additional factory capacity. The more sophisticated the product the longer that takes. Production equipment must be allocated to producing production equipment. That does take time.

You work backward from the first nut or bolt and ask designated manufacturers what they must have and allocate on a priority basis in order to ramp up production. What I fear are amateurs. I am seeing a whole lot of people offering to go into manufacturing devices like ventilators. This must be stopped. They don’t know how and all they will achieve is fragmenting supply chains while they all chase the same suppliers.

Have faith. A lot of what needs to happen is happening despite Trump. I suspect that if he or his administration did get involved it would be a giant clusterfuck with production being allocated on a red state/blue state basis instead of where it needs to be. We are already seeing this on state emergency requests. Florida gets 100 percent and New Jersey 10. Florida, btw, shut virtually nothing down.

America now has large amounts of flexible unused production capacity. So a lot of capacity does not need to be made from scratch. The machines that make components exist. All that needs to be done is get the orchestra to play together. The musicians know how to do this. I am watching it happen without Trump.

Here is a question. If the Trump Administration did try to take granular control of this, how many contracts and allocations would be based on Trump’s buddies calling Trump? The best he could do for all of us right now is not this.

"how many contracts and allocations would be based on Trump’s buddies calling Trump?"

Do I remember that there was some big kazillion $ contract given to build his stupid wall granted to a totally unqualified associate? I could go digging but I'm face down in a breakfast burrito and smearing hot sauce on my keyboard.

Anyway, he's already exhibited his taste for graft and grift ad nauseum. And we could count on Jared and Ivanka finding a way to make bucks off what should be industry to help their country and doing it as badly as they do everything.

[ed.: Here once lay a completely irrelevant comment from the ethnicity-obsessed Brexit brain named above.]

[snark] Sure, if I led Nation X, and wanted to launch a biowar against Nation Y, the first thing I would do is turn the microbe loose in my own country. [/snark]

I'll let Duffy's countryman respond:

(snark) Yep, if I were leading Nation X, and I wanted to launch a biowar against Nation Y, the first thing I would do is turn the microbe loose in my own nation, yep, yep, you betcha! (/snark)

Something is wrong with this comment system. It says it links URLs automatically, but I can't post an Imgur image. WTF?

Trump's Coronavirus Calendar:

I see TypeBad sucks in its own way, just like TurdPress and Disgust.

I'll ask Typepad about this.

If Trump had been the Western Allied Supreme Commander in WW2, the Soviet Union would probably still exist, after having defeated Nazi Germany in 1948 or so, and then having taken all of Continental Europe.

(Unless the extra time actually did let the Ratzis come up with their own A-bomb, but after the war, we found they were nowhere near making one.)

C**** (that's silly) did what they did. But it isn't a haven from culpability for what Trump did and did not do afterward. In fact it's worse. Our president is supposed to be better ethically and morally than an autocrat in C****.

Thanx. I was going to post the famous image of Duff's countryman, Sir Patrick Stewart, as Picard, facepalming.

I believe "URLS automatically linked" means if you copy one and paste it, a link is created automatically. (posted an example here, but it vanished.)

I can't get it to work on other URLs, either. So I'll pursue an answer from Typepad. That may take a day or two.

Giving Trump a big pile of money to spend at the executive’s discretion is a very bad idea. Every two bit conman on his speed dial will be the only people who benefit. All they will have to do is tell him they will make him the hero.

True. Kid in a candy store. I could see him setting up tents on one of his golf courses, putting Ronny Jackson and that other crazy doctor of his in charge and finding a way to charge the government Trump hotel rates per patient.

Maybe we could re-name that pandemic flu of 1918, to the Southwest Kansas flu.

The old Saturday Night Live skits, "What If...Napoleon had a B-52 at Waterloo?" "What If... Superman were a Nazi?" were less outlandish than the notion of Trump holding any military office of consequence, much less the office of Supreme Commander.

Trump is President *only* because a major political party morally disintegrated, over the course of decades, in a way that made Trump's particular brand of idiot-savant malignancy possible. A Trump nomination was unthinkable as late as 2008 or probably even 2012; a Palin nomination was unthinkable in 2000 or probably even 2004.

Time to don your HazMat suits and read this from the NR - but be quick because I expect my offering will be 'eliminated' on the grounds of my, er, 'racism' - yeeeees, quite!

"In the winter of 2002–2003, the deadly SARS coronavirus exploded out of China’s ‘wet-blood’ wildlife markets. SARS infected over 8,000 people worldwide and killed almost 800. Yet post-crisis, China laxly enforced bans on the offending markets, only to permit them to flourish soon thereafter. Today’s COVID-19 is the deadly and avoidable legacy of China’s recklessness.

U.S. secretary of state Mike Pompeo has proclaimed that COVID-19 stems from just such Chinese ‘wet-blood’ markets. While Beijing has praised them as protein sources, their unsanitary practices have long been identified as “perfect viral melting pots” for zoonotic diseases — diseases that jump from animals to man. In COVID-19’s wake, China shut down cities and shuttered the offending Wuhan markets — for now.

Today the world strains to curtail COVID-19, mourn losses, and salvage livelihoods. Tomorrow it must prevent a like recurrence and account for damage done. Tomorrow’s tasks regrettably require forthrightly identifying and addressing Beijing’s wrongful, unnecessary, and repeated misdeeds.

As many, including Dr. Bill Karesh of the Bipartisan Commission on Biodefense, have shown, readily affordable measures, including refrigeration and culturally sensitive regulation, could replace China’s lax and dangerous wet-market practices. Yet Beijing persisted, even after SARS illustrated the international risks. That disturbing record proved a breeding ground for COVID-19 and may recur."

And I leave you with this question, did China take any steps at all to close its borders and restrict its citizens from travelling abroad when the pnademic kicked off?

Quick, take cover - here comes the blue pencil!

And who cares? The disease affects humans. Were you under the impression you are somehow exempt?

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