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March 18, 2020


Oooooo. What a sweetie pie.

Do they ever play together?

Yes. Tilly stares. Frannie hisses.

:-) Cats aren't known for their diplomacy.

Who’s a good dog?

Give them a few weeks and they'll be best buds. Like us, they can adjust to most anything.

If Frannie the cat feels like it. She'll have her people call Tillie's people. :-)

Tilie is no match for Frannie. Both know it. (well, it may take Tillie a bit to catch on. But not long!) I've seen many a cat fall madly in love with many a doggie. In a few weeks they will be fighting one minutes, napping together the next minute. : -)

That's what St. Peter says to dogs when they want to enter Heaven. The ones that wag their tails are IN.

Oh yes. Best pals. They do sometimes work out this adversarial relationship that they both greatly enjoy - "my chair!" "My side of the room!" "Give it back!" "I'm tellin'!" Growl, swat, sneak, plot and they're having a blast.

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