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March 25, 2020


Don't forget pwning the libs...

Abject idiocy.

Tis an interesting social experiment we're running, n'est pas?

So explain this. 90% of Republicans trust Trump and 84% also trust the CDC. What do they do when Trump and the CDC directly contradict each other?

Cognitive dissonance just makes them more angry. And anger is Mother's milk to the GOP.

Those 10% of Republicans who don't like Trump *really* don't like Trump. They and their like-minded Republican-leaning independents - you know, the ones who helped the moderate Democrats in 2018 - many or most will vote for Biden in November.

Yes. And the thrill of some strange game that they think this all is. Probably because of their reality show messiah.

I saw this a little while ago. Close to the truth and would appeal to the imbeciles if he could stage it this way (and very well may):

I suspect a lot of those Republicans held their Enron stock waiting for the big turn around. Or took Kudlow’s advice in 2008.

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