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March 15, 2020



According to Nate Silver -- see -- Biden now holds a 25 point lead over Sanders in Arizona. As Senor Ferrari similarly observed to Victor Laslo, "Might as well be frank, Monsieur. It would take a miracle to get you out of Casablanca, and the Germans have outlawed miracles." And, frankly, I don't see a Rick coming to Bernie's rescue. But Bernie Bros. can take heart. They'll always have Nevada.


Don't we have enough to worry about without having to fear that Bernie will try to inflict damage just so he can do his "progressive preen"? (That sounds like a dance.)

We were all talking about this the other day and hoping that this might - just might- be a helpful move from Bernie to satiate his cult members. Another possibility is that while quarantined and nervous people are stuck at home they can see some adults getting face time on tv.

But that requires that Bernie be an adult. Ah- that's the catch. Nothing more infantile than a desperate old goat in his last chance at the hay.

Peter G

Authentic Progressive Theory insists that the failure of the Democratic Party to dominate all elections is entirely due to not having AP candidates in all elections at all levels. And that seems to be the operating theory in this strategy. Try to make Biden appear to be a faux progressive and then part the clouds to reveal the One True Progressive. Then the sheeple will see the path to nirvana. The fact that this theory generally proved with few exceptions of the Ilhan Omar variety to be disastrous at even the primary level was very inconvenient. But they had a fallback argument. It was money you see, and their inability to either raise it or get other successful Democratic fund raising organizations like the DNC to fork it over. Parenthetically so they could use it to tell everyone how evil other Democrats were.

Well now. That theory was tested too and spectacularly so. Not only was Bernie a fundraising dynamo but Biden was not. So this hasn’t really been a money contest between ideologically pure small money donations against the evil corporate money monolith. There was no such monolith. If any of these ostensibly progressive theories were true the Bernie/Warren ticket, or vice versa, would have been assured. And it was not. But one argument remains, that Bernie would stand a better chance of beating Trump than Biden. I think that is a tough sell now.

David Duff

Does anyone, outside of these hallowed columns give a flying fig who wins the Dem nomination given that neither of them stand a chance against 'The Donald', er, precluding, of course, the President being caught 'in flagrante' with a boy scout or something similar. Get real!


Fuck off, troll.

Peter G

Well Duff you may have a point. There are an awful lot of ignorant idiots.


So how do you think it's going so far? I like the way Joe keeps finding a way to point out how Bernie is always pivoting back to his Medicare for All schtick.


In answer to Freesia … He seems plenty coherent to me, contra Trump supporters and some Bernie supporters and commenter David Duff (see above).


I think he also seems calm and firm and he heads off guff from the muppet at the other podium with a "come on man" quality. I also notice his speech is smooth.

Marc McKenzie

Duff, I suppose it is hard to see with your head jammed up in your nether regions.

As for a chance against Trump....well, see above for why Biden stands a chance, and Bernie doesn't. Because by November, people are not going to forget about how Trump bungled the US dealing with the coronavirus and how Biden stepped up and showed what a real leader could and should do.

And now, take your fantasies and go home and get your shinebox.


Twitter's debate hashtags are awash with almost no one but Bernie fanatics. I just glanced through roughly 100 tweets in #DemDebate — one, ONE, promoted Biden.


Bernie's turning into the Bernie I loathe. Exactly why I didn't invest much in why this was good for this (not a Democrat!)leech to continue. He's playing gotcha" and saying things that Biden didn't say/vote for or distorting or trying to leave danglers for sound bites. It's all neener neener neener.

I'm growing to hate this buzzard.


Terrible staff prep of Biden on Social Security history. But so far, the only bump. Plus, sane 65+-year-olds won't vote for Bernie anyway.


I agree. Bernie's coming off like one of those old muppets in the balcony. Why does Bernie think these dishonest attacks against Biden help him in particular or advance the goal of removing Trump in general? Hubris is a fatal flaw.


He's playing to his cult. I don't think he cares if Trump is removed. It would be the best thing for his next chapter as the leader of a "movement" - lots of agitation, no real solutions. T-shirts!

Or else I'm just really ticked off Halster.


Has there ever been anything quite like the hard-core Sanders supporters (or Bernie Brothers / Bernouts), in the history of the Democratic Party? My many former Sanders’ supporters family and friends (NONE of them for Sanders this time), all agree: the Bernouts are a cult, and a nasty one, much in the Trumpers vein. Every bit as awful, and delusional.


As I just tweeted: As of today, only 32% of Dems support Bernie. 61% support Biden. Yet Twitter is flooded with Bernie supporters' nasty anti-Biden remarks. They're doing far more harm than they know — or fucking care. #DemDebate2020 #DemDebate


Are we sure they're all Americans? Do they by any chance have borscht breath?


“Twitter is not America!” - Bill Maher. Liz Warren found that out.

Most of my family and friends in 2016 were Sanders supporters. (All but one of them did the right thing and voted for Clinton.) Not this time. Many have turned outright hostile to Sanders.

The Bernouts are loud, alright. But we do know now - don’t we? - not to count on them. Enough of America has had enough. Wait ‘til you see the Convention.

So Joe committed to a woman running mate. That’s news. She will be our 47th President.


As a woman, that sounds swell.

Who do you think he'll pick?


Being truly cynical about it she'll likely be you next president, by default.

This coronavirus thingy is a game changer. Trump will lose the election. Silver linings and all..


I only just noticed. You beat me to it, Max.


I don't know the usual time line. How long do we wait for Nate Silver's after debate numbers?

P.M. Carpenter

Still waiting, at 4:30am.


Kamala Harris or Stacy Abrams.

Peter G

Both good choices


"But Bernie Bros. can take heart. They'll always have Nevada"

Priceless. I am so stealing.

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