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March 27, 2020


What is David Axelrod's problem? Has this catastrophe toned down President Fat Ass's rhetoric?

Even better, it seems the Trump has decided to play the role of Don Trafficone, aka Chris Christie, and block aid to states whose governors he does not like. Maybe someone should tell him what a ventilator is. He appears to think it is a floor cleaning device and two is plenty for any hospital. I think we are past sheer incompetence and into pure malice. One of my favorite quotes and guiding principals has always been that one should not attribute to malice what can be fully explained by stupidity. (I see a fair amount of that professionally.) But I never considered what the two harnessed together could achieve.

They'll buy it. The ooze I mean.

Read Axelrod on Twitter and be relieved. Note the date- March 18. Axelrod is well worth reading.

Second, one of the most encouraging developments is the Democrats developing some balls. The whimp factor seems to be pretty gone at this point. Joe Biden doesn't have any problems being a fierce (but thoughtful) partisan. It's refreshing.

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