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April 22, 2020


And he doesn’t know and never met whoever said this drug worked really well.

"What have you got to lose?" Now where have I heard that before?

Since only his drooling fanboyz will believe him, only his drooling fanboyz will try it. Like the premature opening of the red states, it's going to be a stampede of stupid. And trying to stop it would be as silly as standing in the middle of a street in Pamplona. It's becoming more clear every day; it's time to thin the herd. And, thankfully, the herd has self selected for thinning.

My only problem with that is that these geniuses will infect others who are trying to do all the right things to protect themselves. My preexisting heart condition means that these selfish assholes are making life more difficult for people like me than it already is.

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