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April 01, 2020


A wee bit off topic, but I really can't wrap my head around the fact that is offering a "Stay-at-home" DNA special. Because spitting into a tube and sending it through the mail are such good ideas during a global pandemic.🤔🤢🤢🤢

Also off topic, but Trump's projecting 100,000 to 240,000 COVID-19 deaths as a success is exactly backwards. It would be in his best interest to overstate the number of potential deaths and then take credit for it when they don't happen, instead of bragging about a floor level of deaths that's almost certainly to be exceeded by reality. Hell, even Scotty knows you overestimate so as to be seen as a miracle worker:

Furthermore, the 100-240k estimates are based on the assumption that everybody does everything right. Clearly that hasn't happened in the past, isn't happening now, and isn't likely to happen in the future. And, sadly, the deaths that are coming are already in the pipeline.

One cannot ignore the inevitable fact that Trump will punish the States whose Governors dare to point out any of his failings. This will cost lives. Trump is counting on the humanity of governors he himself does not possess.

Interesting stuff from the world:

Yesterday I observed that among our more dimwitted fellow citizens the virus is likely to attend church services first. But also golf courses it seems. Math seems to be a problem with these people. They do not understand it and they don't want to. It is pretty simple math too. Most cases are relatively mild, it only kills what seems to be a relatively small number of sufferers. But that number will certainly be more than the hospital capacity and resources needed to treat mass casualties. Parenthetically I am sure we all remember how, each flu season, refrigerated trailers were always parked in the streets to store the dead.

Really the only possible strategy is to try to limit the cases by social distancing to prevent the health care system from being overwhelmed. But it cannot be stopped until an effective vaccine is available or herd immunity obtained. The number of deaths will not be measured a measly one or two hundred thousand. And we can only hope the people who staff health care do not burn out in the meantime. Ask yourself how long it takes to train nurses and doctors and respiratory technicians and all the other people it takes to make this work even if they had all they need to do it. Which they don't. Bummer huh?

But wait. There's more. When I looked at the math a month ago and saw that this will fill every available hospital bed if not restrained I wondered what other people in need of urgent care will do? Which I was surprised to see did not seem to make much of an impression among the punditry class. But it sure is now. What do you do if you are in a medically fragile state and require hospital services when you dare not go there?

Here is what I expect now. The surge of the stupid. There never was a shortage of those.


Do you it's an April Fool's prank?

It's right at the top of their page, for $39.95, just like all the rest of their promotions. So who knows? I certainly hope so, but if it is, it's in horribly bad taste.

Yes. Either for real or a joke it's a dud. But some people will do anything for money.

I had quite forgotten it is Trump day.

We'll know if it's still there tomorrow.

Meanwhile, my wife's aunt and cousin, both NJ residents, are ill. The aunt is in her mid 90's and her infection has progressed to pneumonia. Her cousin, a nurse for 48 years with the same hospital, was due to retire in three days time. She was placed in charge of a half-dozen COVID-19 patients, sent in to ICU to care for them, without PPE. Now she's a patient in the same ICU. And she's been told that IF she recovers, she'd better not even think about retiring.

And we remain convinced that my wife contracted the disease back in January, and had fought it off a month later. Which means I was also exposed and was probably an asymptomatic carrier. But of course, no antibody testing available in Arizona. When we could be tested, confirmed to have the antibodies, and hence be able to volunteer to help with the people who are confined. But it's Trump's World. SNAFU.

Ha! (I vote it should be officially renamed for him.)

Without PPE. That should NEVER have happened, didn't need to happen. Oh I hate Trump.

So sorry shsavage. Your wife must be worried sick. I hope they both fight it off.

Still available, so it wasn't a sick April Fool's joke. And even though the tube is sealed, it's horrible optics.

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