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April 22, 2020


FWIW, I didn't ask Mr. Carpenter to pass my email to him on to the Carpentariat. In fact, I was surprised to see it. But he, and many of you, have helped enormously. We're a super-small charity and we don't get donations from the wealthy so it's ordinary people like you that keep us afloat. Phil promotes us out of the goodness of his heart. I really, really appreciate the donations we've received from readers here. Tanan kamo maayo nga mga itlog (you guys are good eggs).

Last year you chipped in to save the life of 11 year-old Kyla. She required two nights hospitalization on an IV drip for an infection that she would not have survived another day. Total cost: $200. One fifth the price of a new iPhone. At Christmas, her mother said "thank your friends in America for giving me the Christmas gift of my daughter's life". So thanks.

There are success stories that go beyond survival, too. Back in 2012 before I decided to launch a charity I put Badiday, then 8 years old, into a decent school. The mothers of Borjan unanimously selected her - not their own kids - because they knew she had the best shot. She's been a straight A student and next year she's headed for college. She told me she wants to be a med tech so she can help the kids in Borjan. I said "how about doctor?" and she was stunned by the suggestion asking - really? do you think I can? I have no doubt. Kayla is a straight A student too. See how it snowballs?

Thank you Phil and thank you all.

(Oh, and we're working on the social distancing thing if you're wondering.)

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