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April 21, 2020


Trump is nothing without enablers and scapegoats. There isn't a dose of reality strong enough to penetrate his "me me me" bubble.

I have been experimenting with twitter. Not trying to build a following or anything like that. I have found that dropping pithy tweets, as they must perforce be, into just the right timeline, can get a lot more effect. So last week I dropped a tweet into Andrew Sullivan's timeline. This was a simple observation that Hanlon's Razor had long been a guiding principal of my career as an engineer. But that I had never considered what malice and stupidity might accomplish harnessed together. And before you know it the hearts and retweets were piling up, including one by Andrew himself.

There is a certain amount of art to this Twitter thing. Supporting the views of the Tweeter whose timeline you wish to harness seems helpful.

I figure he is about a week away from emulating the defense of mafia don, Vincent 'the Chin' Gigante and wandering around the White House grounds in his bathrobe.

Lord there's a vision. Eww.

What makes you think he isn't doing that _now_?

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