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April 24, 2020


Future generations of political scientists and historians will probably refer to these truly goofy Trumpian expeditions into the endless expanses of his ignorance as Hail Trump Plays. For two obvious reasons.

Only if we survive enough to breed future generations.

"If Trump labored as strenuously in the pursuit of good as he does in the accomplishment of evil, his legacy would already inhabit the annals of presidential greatness."

Not to go Godwin, but it's been noted that if Hitler, with his gift for rallying a crowd and hiring brilliant organizers had been a force for good instead of evil can you imagine what greatness he'd be remembered for? (I also remember someone I was speaking to saying "Thank God Obama with his charm and scary great team is a seriously good guy. Can you imagine how scary he'd be if he were a Republican?"

Yes, Trump is irredeemable. Tonight Corona hit my family. My aunt through marriage, a sweet and lovely woman, is at this moment at a hospital where they gave her special permission to suit up and stare through a glass and watch her mother die. The cheap tin pot grifter dictator wanna be helped make that possible.

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