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May 26, 2020


Strange as it may seem, we may end up with both at the same time because our economy is so bifurcated between the elites and Wall St. on the one hand, and the small-business, retail economy of the bottom on the other. Large infusions of cash might stave off the lower end depression, but that currently seems off the table; the GOP has already got its trillions for the fat cats, so why would they spend more? Deficit spending is once again their target, with fears of inflation the fuel that stokes the anti-spending fire. Though inflation is virtually non-existent, and the Treasury Dept. could simply buy back the debt instruments they've created, which essentially wipes them off the books. And, ironically, inflation in the upper economy, the Wall St. one, is what everybody invested in it wants to see anyway. I mentioned last week that Bruce Bartlett pointed out that the stock market was almost guaranteed to rise because of the billions that flow into it every month from 401(k) and 457 plans. It is as if inflation has been sequestered into the upper economy, while anti-deficit-spending and inflation fear-mongering stalks the lower economy.

Well according to this grinning shitstain, workers are not even people.

Well stated, sir.

We have entered the Second Great Depression.

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