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May 01, 2020


At least they're wearing PPE.

Oh they want their lives back? I'm sure there are 63,000+ families in mourning wanting their loved ones' lives back.

The goofiness of these militia idiots transcends normal idiocy. But at least some are smart enough to conceal their faces. Won't help much since the same idiots like to reveal themselves on social media. Do I think later repercussions will befall them at the behest of the government? Nope. They demand the economy be reopened for their pleasure. That's nice. Though it kind of presumes any government could order a general reopening of the economy. They can't order you to go to a theater. Or buy a fridge. Or eat out in a restaurant. Or anything.

What I am trying to imagine is what small business wants these assholes as employees or customers. I would not let one of these assholes near my business. I would not let one of them so much as cut my lawn. And I happen to be a perfectly normal kind of guy who doesn't want paranoid screaming gun nuts anywhere near me or mine. This has played out before. If you watched what happened to the Proud Boys or those racist dirtbags that infested Charlottesville much becomes clear. What happened was that in the pre-covid time of the lowest unemployment in decades, those nitwits got fired or couldn't get one in the first place. And given the immortality that the internet offers, probably never will.

I doubt many of them need to work if they can afford high powered weaponry and are out protesting on a weekday. They are selfish assholes protesting in favor of forcing workers to choose between their livelihoods and their lives.

One day, in my fondest dreams, El Douche will get the full Mussolini treatment.

It looks as if Trump is planning to monetize the protest movement by marketing Trump MAGA branded facemasks.

The irony stings. It burns. Nothing says MAGA like 66,154 dead and counting, 30 million out of work, and the worst depression since 1929. Not that it will resonate with the base. As I pointed out a couple of weeks ago, even in 1932, Herbert Hoover collected about 40% of the vote.

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