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May 23, 2020


Like the rest of the flotsam washed up on the shores of Dunning-Krugerland, it never occurred to these castaways that they're stupid.

Selfish assholes. I wouldn't want to get within 12 feet of someone not wearing a mask. I don't want their nasty germs on me.

Some days I just think Covid is just not quite lethal enough to let Darwin make his case. Again.

I was reading an article yesterday (I think it was re the auto plant visit Trump made) and this harpy was shrieking about how she wasn't going to wear a mask. No way, no how. Freedumb! The kicker was that her own mother had recently died of Coronavirus.

Interesting side note: She was a Bernie supporter who voted for Trump and planned on doing so again. Or so she said.

I'm no Bernie Goetz but doesn't that hand on the shoulder make you feel like donning your mask and ambling down to Shady's for a cold one?

Ren, my good friend, I know only one thing. After two tabs of rather disappointing acid but well more than a dozen hard ciders on top of them, I still possess more rationality than any one among the chemically unaltered, right-wing booboisie lot of 'em in today's featured video.

Ah, what a shame. Shoulda been (a) planned out; (b) with people who care about you; (c) must be pure, period, and pass otherwise; (d) only some alcohol, at the end, and of befitting quality. One comes out a different person, done right, a better person. It also must be acknowledged that not everyone could, or can, pass the acid test.

I have read it can alleviate depression (according to neuroscientists). Depressing when it doesn't. Just kidding. My clinical funk is (usually) low-grade, but persistent.

Yes, true. In a recent development, they are finding it is especially effective for hospice patients; they make their peace. Also a recent finding, the most successful in treating alcoholism, to date

It is also a known symptom of being rational. I find my personal motto to be helpful as it has throughout my professional career. It makes a great mantra. Sic ego dixi vobis.

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