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May 31, 2020


Now this will definitely outrage your basic low rent conservative. The other journalists who have been arrested and assaulted by police? Not so much.

Isn't it odd that all those "hoodlums" never, ever riot when a black man shoots a white man? Or even a black man shoots another black man!

Speaking of "low rent conservative" see below.

Duff, I'll let that comment pass! because you're a foreigner! who is perhaps! understandably ignorant of 400 years of sociopolitical American history! But next time! before commenting! on anything race related, either first do some goddamn homework or just shut the fuck up.

Oh … !

Oddly there seems to be some distinction to be made about the circumstances. Like when a policy officer continues to kneel on a black guy’s neck for two minutes after the paramedics point out he has no pulse. Or track down a jogger and blow him away with a shotgun. Or, heaven forfend, get caught being underage and armed with skittles and an ice tea in a white neighborhood. Or at least a neighborhood the local racist thinks should be white. If only these rioters had done the right thing, armed themselves to the teeth and take over the state legislatures! Like responsible white conservatives.

"... who is perhaps! understandably ignorant of 400 years of social American history..." Not really. This racist asshole troll has his own set of facts; recall his admission he has never had a conversation with a person of another race, about race, about much of anything. Every time you've banned this troll it has because of a racist post. Every time. No change or growth whatsoever.

Your site, your rules of course. Last week at a site I visit, I did see a trollish asshole finally banned, with the editor saying simply "Goodbye."

I am not even going to dignify this swill with a response.

Yessir, but ... but ... actually I DID do some 'homework' by asking Google if there were "any recent examples of riots following a black on white shooting?"

Answer came there none!

Of course, I bow to your superior knowledge of recent "sociopolitical American history" so perhaps you can answer my reasonable question, to wit, have there been any examples of riots following a black on white shooting?

Jes' askin' because I really do not know the answer!

I have no pity for him. He knows who he works for and he knows what they've done to my country. He didn't care, so I don't care about him.

More of the same drivel. Trolls gotta troll.

Hundreds. And the result was always the same. A black man got lynched.

You are so transparently intellectually dishonest. You probably jerked off to the video of that cop with his knee on the poor guy's neck. Or you were jealous it couldn't be you.

A new, thoughtful brief essay from impeccably "conservative" Bill Kristol, writing in the conservative The Bulwark; another fascinating example of Republican Never Trumpers providing some of the best insights right now::

"Rodney King was Right: Yes, Things Are Complicated, But They Are Also Simple"; he quotes Rodney King:

"People, I just want to say, you know, can we all just get along? Can we get along? Can we stop making it, making it horrible for the older people and the kids? . . . It’s just not right. It’s not right. It’s not, it’s not going to change anything. We’ll, we’ll get our justice. . . . Please, we can get along here. We all can get along. I mean, we’re all stuck here for a while. Let’s try to work it out."

Kristol writes: "Of course Rodney King’s message has a tougher side as well. It calls for us to get along, yes. But it also means saying No. As in: No excuse for police brutality, let alone murder. None. No excuse for mob brutality, let alone murder. None. No excuse for racism. None. No excuse for violence against innocent citizens of any race. None.

"Obviously that No has to be accompanied by a positive discussion and debate of policy reforms and civic and political actions that improve our current situation. Some of these will come from the left, some from the right. About some there will be consensus, some will be the subject of contentious debate.

"But that consensus, and that debate, require civic peace. To achieve consensus, to engage in debate, we’ll have to agree—to some degree at least—to all get along.

"It’s fashionable on both left and right, and among sophisticates of all sorts, to look down on the simple plea of the late Rodney King. And of course there’s a need for more sophisticated analyses of the complexities of liberal democracy and of the deep challenges of maintaining—or creating—the norms of civilization.

"But for now we need to get back to basics. To the basics of Rodney King. And of Gotthold Ephraim Lessing. To the basics of a decent and liberal society."

I will never forget that time being from Southern California. The beating happened in March of '91 when I was early along in my pregnancy with my son. It is probably the first time we saw a police beating on video in the days before phones with cameras in them but certainly in the time of the home video camera. We all thought that of course those shitty cops would be convicted it was so obvious what they had done caught on camera and everything. However, their trial was held in Simi Valley not Los Angeles. I didn't learn until years later when I watched a documentary about the history of the Los Angeles black community's relationship with the LAPD that Simi Valley is home to a lot of LAPD cops and retired cops which meant the fix was in. Simi Valley isn't even in Los Angeles County it's just north of there in Ventura County. Then the riots happened when my son was six months old and it made me worry about the world I had just brought my baby into. I believe the documentary is called "Let the Motherfucker Burn" if you are interested in checking it out.

Thank you. I vividly remember all of it. At the time one of my best friends was living in Simi Valley. One observer noted with Bush (the elder), this was his "thousand points of light."

Sorry the name of the documentary is "Burn Motherfucker Burn". It's an eye opener. Of course Simi Valley is also home to the Ronald Reagan Library. I'm worried that the rioting in 2020 will be an echo of 1968 and give the white house back to Trump. But then the L.A. riots were '92 and Bush the Elder didn't win a second term. Perhaps it's too soon to tell how what's going on now will figure into November.

I hope that optics help. Joe Biden went out in Delaware to talk with the protestors (in his mask) while Trump hid in his bunker retweeting Qanon and attacking the various state leaders. Somewhere on twitter someone whose name I forgot to note said that in just recent days various conservatives in his life have announced they're voting for Biden.

This proves nothing. But Trump isn't acting like a president and Biden is and so maybe...

The black officer who shot the white lady was immediately charged, tried and convicted. And is currently serving a twelve year sentence. Who needed to riot?

I have a serious question. When there were protests against police brutality in the Obama years we did not see any rioting anywhere near as widespread and violent as we are seeing today. Why is that? Why is it so bad now? Is there something more sinister going on? This feels different. And much more frightening.

I asked if there were "any recent examples of riots following a black on white shooting?"

You replied: "Hundreds" plus a non-sequitur to the effect that the result was "A black man got lynched".

Surely a student "of 400 years of sociopolitical American history" could come up with one or two recent, real life examples! That is all I politely ask!

Oh, Anne, if only I could "jerk off" but, alas and alack, at my age it would require a miracle!

And by the way, if I am "so transparently intellectually dishonest" perhaps you could come up with some recent examples of white mobs rioting following the killing of a white man by a black man? I look forward to your reply!

Normally, I do not bother responding to your, er, excitable comments but just to say that the white officer who killed the black man was also arrested immediately and charged.

So, your point is ... what, exactly?

I would suggest a single, brief answer to your question - Donald Trump is President!

I wasn't asking you. You have nothing constructive to add. I was looking for real answers not more of your mindless race baiting drivel.

I think, as best I can judge, that it's because this protest is different. It's a culmination of painful rage and the last straw. It's a protest that's about many other protests.

My guess.

There was no cover up. No Blue Wall to defend his actions. Nope. Justice was quite swift.

A real president versus a racist talk show host. Just a guess...

"race baiting"?

Er, any quotations to support your accusations?

No! Thought not!

Every time you have been banned here it has been for posting racist comments. Case closed.

Trayvon Martin, bitch.

Well, Anne, no quotes from you, I see! But here's one for you from Wiki on the Zimmerman case:

"Zimmerman was injured during the encounter and claimed he had been defending himself;[1] he was not charged at the time. The police said there was no evidence to refute his claim of self-defense, and that Florida's stand your ground law prohibited them from arresting or charging him. After national media focused on the incident, Zimmerman was eventually charged and tried, but the jury acquitted him of second-degree murder and manslaughter in July 2013."

Of course, I do realise that there are certain members of the public who blithely ignore Court decisions if they don't suit their - dare one say? - prejudice!

Wrong: Zimmerman was never charged with manslaughter.

Wrong: No reference to the Police telling Zimmerman to cease and desist.

These are just two corrections. Zimmerman is a murderer, pure and simple. Racist assholes like you always think they have an answer.

Wasn't this case one of the times PM Carpenter banned you from this site?

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