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May 28, 2020


Peter G

The Jacobin is always a fun read. Often very very loony but still fun because of that. My favorite questions to ask the sort of people for whom it is gospel are pretty straightforward. Beginning with ‘which is it?’. Of the operating theories they use which applies, that the majority of Democrats are sheeple waiting for the bat signal to know when or who to support, or the everybody who disagrees with us are evil corporate whores? It can’t really be both can it? Evil corporate sheeple is just too much of a stretch even for the Jacobin crowd.

I also like to ask them why these nefarious wizards of the Democratic Party weren’t filling Joe’s coffers or otherwise slitting the political throats of the other candidates when the whole shindig started? Seems like a strange strategy to pursue when they had already decided, apparently in a graveyard at midnight, that Joe was the man. It’s almost like they were willing to let Joe sink or swim on the strength of his sheeple support.

I love asking them shit like this. There is no better way to get the unthinking mad than to ask them a question that goes to the heart of their unquestioned beliefs. It’s like dropping Mentos into their cola filled heads.


This has been the great success of the Democratic establishment. Over the last 30 years they co-opted and fused together the best of both conservatism and liberalism, leaving the zealots, who are always in search of a new crusade to give them a sense of identity and purpose, to go scrambling for ever more extreme and bizarre positions. Since genuine conservatism now belongs to the Democrats, the GOP have surrenderEd logic and morals and have become thoroughly Trumpified. The left flank, whose views a few decade ago are now mainstream, is likewise consumed with cultivating a sense of persecution, because what else have they got?


Great piece and nailed it. "No 'centrist leadership' coup was either present or implied." - but that's their narrative. It absolutely kills them that the overwhelming party "ordinary" voters rejected their politics. (And was this guy pushing Jeremy Corbyn last year, like so many of his pack?) The whole "Centrist leaders within the Democratic Party, along with millions of ordinary voters, rallied behind Joe Biden," What a steaming pile of odorous excrement. Yeah Bhaskar, "millions" of voters, all right. The dude with a tenth of Bernie's budget utterly crushed him in three weeks. They simply won't contemplate that.

"The difference is that we refuse to do so on the centrist terms that we believe helped create it in the first place." - with your help, Bhaskar. Thank you thank you thank you for 1968, 2000 and 2016. But who am I kidding? These narcissists will accept zero responsibility. And they are so pure.

Thank you, Black America, for Saving America. Again. Saved us from the Clueless Left With a Death Wish.

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