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May 30, 2020


Saw a press conference with the governor of Minnesota and the mayors of Minneapolis and St. Paul (and a couple of other people whose names escape me)and they were saying most of the rioters (not protesters) were not from the area and were actually white supremacists basically there to stir up shit and have the destruction blamed on the protesters. They said they were using contract tracing just like the virus to find out who these assholes are to build a case. I think we all know what would have happened if black protesters showed up with AK 47's like the white entitled assholes whining about not being able to get a cut n color then go pig out at Applebee's.

But aren't they just adorable with their toys and costumes? It's not even Halloween. Someone should point out that the camo outfit kinda defeats the purpose if you wear in it the city.

Especially if you weigh 300 pounds. Hardly a combat ready physique.

Oh, the attention will go back to the pandemic casualties all too soon, when more of them start mounting up.

Corona-chan will NOT let you ignore her, Donnie...

How sickening is it that I see that as a silver lining? What's wrong with me?

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